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To live and share our commitment to faith, family and others while opening doors to promote awareness, provide hope and improve the standard living and quality of life for all the children fighting to survive in the invisible cracks of our society.


In addition to efforts by Leigh Anne on programs such as Family Addition and Extreme Home Makeover, our family also collaborates with other non-profit organizations, work with schools in low income areas and offer assistance to families and children on an individual basis.


There are so many ways to start moving the needle and making a difference. Give back in your local community, donate to MIHF, or shop our e-bay store.

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If you’ve seen “The Blind Side,” you know the impact that one person can have on the life of a child. That is the story of our Family. How quickly we went from a four person family to a five person family and the impact it had on ALL of our lives, yet that was never our goal. We simply saw someone with needs. Michael was about to fall through the cracks and society deemed him valueless. I am here to tell you that NO ONE is valueless. This story is not something we were looking for, nor did we anticipate what would eventually happen. We feel the story of our family is 100% God driven. We are simply trying to be good stewards of the message; to encourage others that they can make a difference too. We have received cards, letters, and messages from people who want to help provide opportunities for other kids who may not otherwise have them. By way of response, we have established the Making It Happen Foundation to share the message that hope, love and opportunity can change a life.

Tuohy Circus Party

"And let us be concerned about one another in order to promote love and good works."


Adoption Facts

Average number of years 60% of kids spend in foster care before being adopted.
Over half of the children in foster care are age six or older.
Percentage of children in foster care who were removed from their parents before two.
Number of thousands of children who cannot return to their families and are waiting to be adopted.

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The Tuohy family has been on an extensive series of speaking engagements and they are donating a large portion of their honoraria to the Making It Happen Foundation. They would like to invite you to join them in Making It Happen for deserving, but underserved youth. Your contributions to the Making It Happen Foundation would mean the creation of invaluable opportunities for kids like Michael Oher.

If you would like to make a contribution over $1,000, please fill out the contact form below, and we will personally get back to you.

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