Girls on the Run Fall 2022

Project Details

We love supporting Evans Elementary Girls on the Run team! The girls train for 12 weeks, 2 times a week after school. Lessons are incorporated into running such as attitude of gratitude, gossip, bullying and healthy habits to name a few. While running we asked about something they remembered and one said “stop and take a breather” and she said when she’s in a situation when she’s mad, frustrated or feels pressure…. she stops, breathes, thinks and THEN responds. She remembered this! Girls on the Run is helping build the tool box for life in each of these girls…and are great reminders for the rest of us as well! And- 3 miles is a long way for these 3-5th graders. Some said they wanted to be “girls on a break” instead of Girls on the Run. But they pressed on and crossed the finish line and received their medals!! It’s not how you start but how you finish! Great job to all!! Thank you to the dedicated teachers and volunteers to make this happen, and the Memphis Tigers Cheerleaders, all the community volunteers and running buddies.