Manassas High School

Project Details

Manassas High School, located in Memphis, TN, is a recipient of the School Improvement Grant for the nation’s lowest performing Title I schools. Implementing a turnaround strategy, Manassas has brought in a multitude of new staff members to push their students to succeed at the level of which we know they are capable. In efforts to support the school’s athletic department, Making It Happen Foundation has recently donated bats and gloves to the Manassas High School baseball team.  We received the thank you letter below from Joe Caruso, President of CAN (Caring Angels Network) Ministries.

Thank you so much for meeting this need.  I know from helping them last season that the 1st baseman used a glove unfit for him , and the only bat they had for JV and Varsity was a 34 inch.  The coach and I will deliver the material to the kids at the camp weekend sponsored by HOPE church and CAN Ministries. We feel God leading us as coaches and men to give back our time through baseball, and we feel like the Gray’s players and families are an extension of the love through donations and fundraising.  To God be the glory for this opportunity to serve, and I truly want to thanks you for your obedience to answer God’s call when something like this is laid on your heart.

Thanks again and God Bless, 

Joe Caruso