Teacher Wish Lists

Hey everyone…It’s hard to believe it’s time for school to start back but it is! Last year we started a new project of posting teacher’s classroom wish list. We had great success. So please join us again this year in supporting teachers who give so much of their time, energy and their own money to give their students every possible opportunity! If we can lighten their load and ease some of their financial burden by purchasing back to school supplies for them then let’s do it! Remember it takes a village and we can achieve so much more when we work together. We’ve tried to make this easy. I’m sure there will be a few glitches but we’ll work through them. It’s pretty simple just click their Amazon Wish list link and get started and we’ll be on the way to clearing some of these lists! If you are not able to make a purchase, please pray for these teachers this year! They need us!! Thank you so much! You guys are the best!


  1. Create your list on Amazon and email the link to [email protected] by midnight Friday 7/21/2023. Once you’ve created the list in your Amazon account click on the three dot drop down menu located in the top right corner and select “Manage List.” Please fill in all the contact info on this tab. It is vital that you fill out the shipping info so that your items can be automatically shipped to you if purchased. Make sure your list is marked Public and not Private.
  2. Ensure your items are readily available and from Prime. Not a third party. Not a special order. And that your “ship to” address does not have any special circumstances. Please no gift cards.
  3. You must be currently following Leigh Anne on social media and we’d love you to follow the Making it Happen Foundation too. Please tag a friend and ask them to join our team. This has to be done for your list to be included. We’re looking to build support for our #ForeverFamilyFriday. Just liking our Friday post is so helpful for algorithm.
  4. Please tell us what grade you teach and where.


  1. Visit our website www.MakingItHappenFoundation.com. Click a list and make your selections. Ensure the “ship to” address matches the name of the teacher and is not yours!
  2. If you want to purchase from multiple lists, choose one person and complete your transaction before going on the next person. If not the items will be combined in one order and shipped to one address.
  3. Thank you for your generosity and know YOU are making a difference!


Nicole Brodi – 3rd GradeFULFILLED

Sydney Pearson – Florosa Elementary School 3rd Grade FULFILLED

Julie Murray – 5th Grade

Melinda Baker – Meigs Middle School 6th Grade

Allyson Moore – RSGA -Richardson Sixth Grade Academy 6th Grade  – FULLFILLED

Donna Wolfson – American Senior High School 10th Grade

Katelyn King – 1st Grade

Loida Sarabia – Dr. Henry E. Perrine academy of the Arts 2nd Grade

Jennifer Lang – Doctors Inlet Elementary 2nd Grade

Nori Suarez – 2nd Grade

Lindsey Kurlander – Roberts Elementary 2nd & 3rd Grade

Rachel Fulkerson – 3rd Grade

Brooke Liz – Gateway Christian Academy 3rd Grade

Katherine Briatico – 8th Grade FULFILLED

Taylor Lewis – Southport Elementary Kindergarten

Maegan Lewis – Molino Park Kindergarten

Tiffany Spence – Challenger Elementary Kindergarten

Kaleigh Blackmon – Molino Park Elementary Kindergarten

Samantha Scanlon – Molino Park Elementary Kindergarten

Julie Harmon – Kindergarten

Candice Blackburn – Molino Park Elementary Kindergarten

Jenna Yohn – Kindergarten FULFILLED

Jennifer Dugan – ABELS Academy Lower School

Donna Wolfson – Dade Schools Math FULFILLED

Shannon Black – Pre-K

Heather Dugas – Lake Alfred Polytech Academy Special Education

Lisa DiRenzo – Cardinal Gibbons High School High School FULFILLED

Stephanie Ward – Five Points Elementary School Pre-K

Suzanne Adkins – Five Points Elementary School Pre-k-5th FULFILLED

Lisa Browning – Westside Elementary Pre-K

Ciara Hibdon – 4th Grade

Cheyanne Niedringhaus – 5th Grade

Sara Ordonez – 4th Grade FULFILLED

Kaitlyn Grullon – High School

Abby McCurter – Kindergarten

Jenny Richardson – Kindergarten

Victoria Berardesco – Counselor

Christina Woods – First Academy-Leesburg 2nd Grade

Heather Douglas – 4th Grade


Rachel Fulkerson – 3rd Grade

Jennifer Lang– Inlet Elementary 2nd Grade

Kristen Ross – Destin Elementary School 1st Grade

brooklyn french – 5th Grade

Megan Stimmel – 1st Grade

Amy O’Neal – Hosford school 1st Grade

Megan Schulze – Conley Elementary 1st Grade

Jenny Richardson – Van R. Butler Elementary School Kindergarten

Ashley Seal – Kindergarten FULFILLED

Jessica Danford – Kindergarten

Kyla Scelzi – Crestview High School 12th Grade FULFILLED

Kristine Suarez – 5th Grade

Kimerly Knechtel – K-2nd Autism


Megan Hickman – Christian County Public Schools 4th – 12th Grade FULFILLED

Jessica Blevins – 1st Grade FULFILLED

Danielle Tyler – 3rd Grade FULFILLED

Emily Bell – 3rd Grade FULFILLED

Kayla Fletcher – Special Education FULFILLED

Marisa Albright – Mt. Vernon Elementary school 5th Grade

Samantha Pruitt – Oakview Elementary 3rd Grade

Hannah Starner Carter – Painted Stone Elementary Special Education

Charity Alexander – Trigg County Schools Pre-K


Cierra Walch – Leonardtown Elementary School 1st Grade

Abby Slovick  – Kindergarten FULFILLED!


Ana Davila – Amigos School Kindergarten

Cynthia Gargano – South Shore Early Education Pre-K FULFILLED

Jenn Brown Home – 2nd Grade

Chloe Cooke – Matula Elementary School 3rd Grade FULFILLED

Julie Pfeffer – 2nd grade


Kari Munson – Oneka Elementary Preschool

Lindsey Gittemeier – 8th Grade

Kristen Rogers – Kindergarten FULFILLED

Katie Fagnan – 4th Grade FULFILLED

Samantha Kaste – Ada Borup West Elementary 4th Grade

Sara Bradfield  – Achieve Language Academy Kindergarten FULFILLED


Lindsey Hughes – Della Davidson Elementary 2nd Grade

Ashley Smith – DeSoto County Schools 2nd Grade FULFILLED

Kristi Bean – Scott Central Attendance Center 3rd Grade

Maggie Carr – Oxford City School 3rd Grade FULFILLED

Katherine Polizzi – Della Davidson Elementary School  3rd grade

Cathryn I. Washam – Eastside Elementary School 4th Grade

Joni Boswell – Scott Central Attendance Center 4th Grade

Ashton Sanford – Sumrall Elementary School 5th Grade

Cynthia Coleman – Hernando High School 9th Grade FULFILLED

Megan Green – Kindergarten

Amber Burt – West Union Attendance Center Kindergarten

Lauren Rogers – Lafayette Elementary Kindergarten

Tiffany McCracken – Lewisburg Primary 1st Grade

Laurie Burns – Lewisburg Primary school 1st Grade

Kathey Williamson – 1st Grade

Ashley Cook – 1st Grade

Lindsey Ezelle – Manchester Academy 3rd Grade

Sherrill Adamo – Petal Elementary School 3rd-4th Grade

Lauren Pisarich – Lake Elementary 4th Grade

Joni Boswell – Scott Central Attendance Center 4th Grade

Amanda Reiser – 6th Grade

Allyson Grubbs – 7th Grade

Carrie Thomas – Clinton Middle School 7th Grade

Allison McCain  – Oxford Middle School 7th Grade

Amy Taylor Anderson  – Lewisburg Middle School  8th Grade

Bronwyn Clanton – Marshall Academy Kindergarten

Charlene Hammond – Oxford City School Middle School Special Education

Roselynn Rainey – Fairview Elementary  Pre-K

Lauren Reed – Oak Grove Elementary Pre-K

Jessica Thompson – Ingomar Attendance Center Kindergarten

Sarah Rousse – Lewisburg Primary School Kindergarten

Kim Alexander – OGCES 5th

Dee Matthews – Potts Camp High High School

Zena Phillips – Redwood Elementary Special Education

Madison Allred – Walls Elementary 1st

Beth Leatherwood  – Brookstone School 7th Grade

Allison Iles – Brandon High School 10th Grade

Jennifer Henry – Bramlett Elementary Kindergarten

Kayla Carson – Kindergarten

lindsey blackledge – Kindergarten

Emily Anderson – Della Davidson Elementary Special Education

Jaime Beasley – Oak Grove High School Special Education

Vivian Shipp-Neely – Sumner Hill Junior High School 9th Grade

Laura Hogue – Ingomar Attendance Cente Pre-K

Misty Siadak – Special Education

Emeri Sorrells – Hernando High School High School

Bailey Lincoln – Della Davidson 3rd Grade

Brittany Massey – Madison Middle School 6th Grade

Jennifer Delatte – Petal Elementary Schoo 4th Grade

Tara Lewis – Oak Grove High School High School

Christy Roberts – Hernando High School Librarian

Katie Kidd – 5th Grade

Hailey Hagemann – Tupelo Middle School 8th Grade

Natalie Jefcoat – West Jones Elementary 1st Grade

Makyah Lamberth – Water Valley School District 3rd Grade


Stacy Chohon – St. Bonaventure Catholic School 2nd Grade FULFILLED


Samantha Shannon – Middle School Math FULFILLED


Kaylin Dolan – K-2nd Autistic Support Teacher FULFILLED

Stacey Hoch – Executive Education Academy Charter School K-5 Math FULFILLED

Christi Poland – Kindergarten

Jennifer Held – Pre-K FULFILLED

Sarah Deon – Bucks County Intermediate Pre-School Special Education FULFILLED

Patti Dunne – Baldi Middle School 6th-8th Grade FULFILLED

Michelle Palmer – 1st Grade FULFILLED

Rebecca Hegman – Hampden Elementary 5th Grade

Julie Hatala – 2nd Grade

Emily Witt – 2nd Grade FULFILLED

Jenessa Schweitzer – 3rd Grade FULFILLED

Davina Ferry – 3rd Grade


Madi Burgers


Brandi Holder – Frank Hughes School 2nd Grade

Leighton Sistrunk – Farmington Elementary 5th Grade

Amanda Atkins – Kindergarten

Rachel Suddarth – Benny Bills Elementary School Kindergarten

Melanie Peterson – Copper Ridge Elementary Kindergarten

Jill Henry – Meigs County High School 10th-11th Grade

Bethany Williams – 1st Grade

McKenzie Mandrell – Idlewild Elementary 1st Grade

Katy Johnson – 1st Grade

Buffy Wayne – 2nd Grade

Carly Seaton – Northside Elementary 3rd Grade

Rachael Gorline – 3rd Grade

Allyson Sullivan – 3rd Grade

Kaley Gonzalez – 3rd Grade

T Martin – South Polk Elementary  4th Grade FULFILLED

Ginger Linebarger – South Knoxville Elementary  4th Grade

Jackie Clutts – Newbern Elementary School 5th Grade

Hilliary Bowen – Johnson/Roosevelt Elementary Schools 6th Grade

Kelsey Nelson – 6th Grade

Jennifer Mannon – Treadwell Elementary Elementary Art FULFILLED

Erin Johnson – Highland Park Elementary School K-5

Megan Methvin – Thrasher Elementary  Kindergarten

KARINA M MORGAN – Cordova Elementary Kindergarten

ANDREA L TURNER – Germantown Element​ary School Kindergarten

Leigh Ann Kirkwood – Pleasant Ridge Elementary School Kindergarten

Katie Rabb – Pre-K FULFILLED

Leah Biggs – Pre-K-4th Speech

Sarah Sanders – SLPA

Lacey Kellum – Joseph Brown Elementary 4th Grade

Kelsey Melton – The Discovery School 4th Grade

Taylor Bryan – 5th Grade

Whitney Gordon – 2nd Grade

Mary Beth Combs – Special Education

Caroline Belisle – 2nd Grade

Kristin Rokitowski – High School

Jenny Taylor – 5th Grade

Rebecca Lippard –  E.A. Cox Special Education

Stephanie Banks – 3rd Grade

Deana Sain – STEM

Addy Byars – Special Education

KIMBERLY K BARBER – Hickory Ridge Elementary 3rd Grade

Courtney Davis – Kindergarten

Teisha Nichols – Collierville High School High School

Jenny Taylor – 5th Grade

Angelia Fogarty – Gladeville Elementary 1st Grade

Crystal Anderson – Bolivar Central High 10th

Courtney Glenn – Crestview Elementary 3rd Grade

Tina Tucker – Rivercrest Elementary 1st Grade


Abby Symm – St. Thomas Episcopal School  1st Grade

Colleen Fairbrother – Bryker Woods Elementary 4th Grade

Alexandra Sympson – 4th Grade

Vanessa Vázquez – 4th Grade

Hope Moreno – Katy ISD 4th Grade

Kayla Holeman – Hutto ISD 5th Grade

Candy Richardson – School for Deaf and Blind All Grades

Leticia Barrientos – Dallas ISD Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Ashley Waldrep – Alyssa Ferguson Elementary  Kindergarten

Carley Sullivan – Colin Powell Elementary Kindergarten

Sharon Dressel – Maudrie M. Walton Elementary Librarian

Ruth Guereca – Pre-K

Hillary Joseph – Trinity Episcopal Day School Pre-K

Tina Cruickshank – Forest Lane Academy Pre-K – 5th Grade

Kristen Atwood – Burnet High School Special Education

LeAnna Snyder – 1st

Victoria Rea – Woodland Hill Elementary  2nd

Karen Ventura – 2nd

Sheridan Smith – 3rd


Erika Friddle – 3rd

Kelly Glenn – Greenwood Intermediate School  3rd

Monica Proctor – 4th

Lauren Jackson – 4th

Jessica Fuqua – Washington Elementary 5th

Elisa Martinez – Donna ISD  5th

Billie Bates – 6th-8th Special Needs

Alyssa Kohl  – 7th

Mary McCall – 8th

Courtney Johnson – High School

Christina Dietz – K-5

Laura Adams – k-5

Stephanie Smith – Kindergarten

Edith Hernandez – Memorial Elementary Kindergarten

Jesica Geter – Glen Loch Elementary Kindergarten

Rebecca Schilder – Melissa ISD Kindergarten

Jahazia Peraza – Kindergarten

Abby Loudenback – Kindergarten

Courtney Holmes – Kindergarten

Kelsei Howison – Sour lake elementary school Kindergarten

Jennifer Hornung –  Canyon Creek Elementary Pre-K

Kacee Bednarz – Pre-K

Lexie Hower – Bush Elementary Kindergarten

Gabrielle Taylor – David Crockett Elementary School Kindergarten

Teresia Allen – Fredonia Hill Baptist Academy Principal

Victoria Rea – Humble ISD 2nd Grade

Bethany Canales – Lago Vista Elementary Elementary FACS

molly garcia – Mineral Wells Junior High Middle School

Amy Jones Johnson – Pre-K

Laura Ladner – 9th Grade

Alyssa Meekins – 2nd Grade

Emma Rosa – 4th Grade

Kalyn Franks – 1st Grade

Traviya Phlegm – 5th Grade

Laura Ladner – 9th Grade

Angela Lujan – Alamo Elementary 3rd Grade

Ali Owen – 1st Grade

Lauren Sturdivant – McCoy Elementary Special Education

Ashley Norman – Rolling Hills Elementary School Special Education

Alyssa Meekins – 2nd Grade FULFILLED

Michelle Kratzenberg – Special Education FULFILLED

Katie Gregory – Central Texas Christian School 5th Grade

Harmony Hernandez – 1st Grade

Jennifer Thomas – 6th Grade

Alyssa Guerra – 1st Grade

Tammy Parinello – 3rd Grade

Lindsay Lane – 2nd Grade

Christina Dietz – K-12 Grade

Ashley Hill – K-5th Grade

Dawn Soria – 3rd Grade

Kendall Murphy – Kindergarten

S Hill – Crosstimbers Academy 9th-12th Art FULFILLED

Kelsei Letsinger – Sour lake elementary school Kindergarten

Cassie Smith – Harts Bluff Elementary Pre-K

Maria Montoya – Cesar Chavez Elementary Pre-K

Jennifer Brusenhan – Librarian


Trisha Edwards – 1st Grade

Kaylyne Stockton  – 3rd Grade

Yuri Collins – 1st Grade FULFILLED