Spreading Christmas Cheer

Project Details

The MIH Foundation was blessed with the opportunity to provide Christmas for 150 people. This opportunity included the things that so many of us take for granted. The families requested so many basic necessities such as food, blankets, clothes, socks and shoes, toys, small kitchen appliances and even things such as eye glasses and baby formula. Very few asked for dolls, bikes, games, cell phones or computers. The list were very telling and was a reality check of what so many of us take for granted on a daily bases. To hear a child say, “I’ve NEVER gotten a Christmas present” will rip your heart out or it certainly did mine! Much love and care was put into selecting all the items on each person’s list – as I said…they were needs, not wants.  It is a blessing to be a blessing. Next year please join us in the efforts to bring some normalcy to the lives of those we can help during the Holiday Season!