Archive: May 13, 2022

Forever Family Friday – Brandon

As you know, May is National Foster Care Awareness Month. We want to continue to spread the message that there are 420,000 plus children in need of their forever family. Yes we need more families. Yes we need more people to step up. Yes we need more open hearts and more homes. BUT this week I want to thank all the foster families that are standing in the gap….filling in the space between the time a child is in custody and when they get their forever family. Please know that you are greatly appreciated! There are so many unsung heroes…How about the single 31 year old teacher who fosters not only one child, but has additional children stay with her on the weekends as needed. Or the mom and dad with 3 biological children who love sharing their family unit with foster kids…their door is continuously revolving. There are thousands of stories. I heard some amazing stories last night in Richmond. We are cheering you on! Foster parents come in many forms and we are thankful for you! Now let me introduce you to a young man that will melt your heart.

Please meet Brandon. He is 13, lives in Alabama, and describes himself as funny and cool. He loves sports – football and basketball specifically, playing games and watching TV. If Brandon could travel he would love to see the world….and go to waterparks! We need to get Brandon to Orlando. Reading is Brandon’s favorite subject in school. He enjoys being social and talking with others. Brandon will do well in a family that is patient, active, fun and loving. Can you be Brandon’s forever family? Do you know anyone that could? Your help is greatly appreciated.

For more information please contact [email protected]  M. Fehr Photography

Forever Family Friday – Joshua and Donielle

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend everyone! A mother’s love is like nothing else in the world. And isn’t it interesting that Mother’s Day is during National Foster Care Month because we clearly know not every child in this world, to no fault of their own, has a mother. Most kids in foster care have no one that will provide a safe, stable healthy environment to grow up in! These kids are looking and longing for that special woman to celebrate and protect them. The one who will invest, love and look out for them day in and day out. My heart truly aches for every child who longs for a mother. So I want to take a minute to thank every mother…whether biological, step, adoptive, foster or whatever title you have for providing kids with that safety, stability, courage, strength, love, kindness and that healthy environment that they so desperately need. Please meet this amazing sibling group Joshua and Donielle. How wonderful it would be if they had their own forever mom to celebrate next year! We need your help to spread the word about them!

Joshua, 16, and Donielle, 14, live in Florida. You won’t find a kinder or friendlier set of siblings! Talkative and outgoing, Joshua will try to make you laugh as he loves using humor in all situations. Donielle will keep you enthralled with her vibrant imagination and creativity. Despite many hardships, these siblings have kept an open attitude towards the world which is truly inspiring. Both show affection and compassion easily. Now they deserve compassion and affection for themselves.

They both love science. Donielle really wants to work with animals someday. Joshua is interested in working in a restaurant and also hopes to learn construction skills.  He’d really love to learn virtual skills in programming to build video games. These children seek a loving, compassionate family with the willingness to learn how to best support trauma. They are repeatedly praised for their sweet disposition and smiles. They deserve a world of smiles! Please help us bring a smile to their faces. And Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️ For more info: Heart Gallery of Tampa 813-314-2021. Jessica Fredericks Photography