Archive: August 11, 2023

Forever Family Friday – Alexandrea

I had the privilege to celebrate yet another birthday this week. It was my 63rd. Goodness that is a big number but I am grateful to the good Lord for allowing me to continue to celebrate each one! Birthdays are such special days to enjoy cake, gifts and whatever fun activities that make you happy. Did you see my new bubble blaster? OMG! It made me so happy! And for me my birthday is always a time of reflection and pondering how I want to finish this journey. I then started thinking about the kids that are in foster care and how their birthdays may not be celebrated. I’ve crossed paths with so many kids that have never had a cake. Didn’t even know their correct birth date. No parties. No balloons. No blowing out of candles. No celebration of them being born. That breaks my heart. We have an opportunity to change that for many. We have an opportunity to bring love, joy and laughter to kids that are so deserving.

Please meet Alexandrea, who goes by the name Ally. She deserves it all. She is 13 years old and lives in Alabama. Ally likes doing hair. She is outgoing and easily makes friends. She enjoys social media, especially TikTok. She loves to make others laugh. I can’t imagine Ally becoming a teenager at age 13 and not having a big deal made about her. She may have, and I hope that is the case for Ally and all the hundreds of thousands of kids in foster care, but more often than not these special days are overlooked or just very ordinary. Typically everyone is trying to keep their head above water and just get the basics done! We need you on our team sharing, praying and posting the kids. Do you have room in your heart and home for Ally? Do you know a family that does? ❤️

For more information on Ally please contact [email protected]

Forever Family Friday – Jamari

Happy Forever Family Friday everyone. I’m going to start this post out with this statement…”In my opinion” …In my opinion there are a lot of misconceptions and stereotyping of kids in the foster care system. Again, this is strictly my opinion so don’t get all bent out of shape if you don’t agree. We’re all allowed an opinion… at least on my social media. People have so many preconceived notions about these kids in foster care…they are this or that or they have done this or that wrong or have not done what they should have and on and on. It’s time to change the conversation because so much of that is inaccurate. Sure there are situations where there are problems but not the entire landscape of foster care and the kids in the system can be labeled the same. We have to start working through these stereotypes. We have to infuse hope and love into their situations. We need to offer permanency and protection. We must all come together as a community and mentor and open our hearts and hands to help. Here’s a young man that needs us. He needs a family.

Please allow me to introduce you to Jamari! He is 13 years old and lives in Georgia. Jamari’s favorite holiday is Christmas and he likes pizza. Football and basketball are the sports he likes the best, and he enjoys playing video games. When he grows up Jamari would like to be a coder! (Hello @BaseCampCodingAcademy!) Math is his favorite subject in school, as well as science. The one thing he is proud of is being smart. If he had one super power it would be to stop time.

Jamari needs a loving adoptive family who will give him the attention, support, encouragement, structure and a nurturing environment. Don’t we all?! For more information on Jamari please contact Rebecca at [email protected]. Thank you!❤️