Forever Family Friday – Nelson

Happy Forever Family Friday. As I sat looking at the young man that I am sharing today I thought about the first time Sean and I talked about posting kids each week that needed a forever family. I was hopeful that we could find just one child a forever family. Just one. I would then consider this ministry successful. And…Here we are, several years later and while there is still much work to do numerous kids have been placed with families. We have planted seeds of awareness as well as uplifted and provided for many others. I hope and pray that some of this awareness leads to action. We all need to take action for those in the foster care system that feel alone, forgotten and uncared for. This young man deserves a forever family. Please allow me to introduce you to Nelson.

Nelson is 17 and lives in Tennessee. He is an extremely energetic young man that is a great critical thinker and problem solver with great potential. He enjoys swimming, video games and sports, especially basketball. Music is important to him, as is his faith. He once wrote a rap song called “I Love the Lord” that says “Get on your knees and pray. You’ve got to love the Lord, love the Lord, love the Lord. ” Nelson says he looks to the Lord to help him with his troubles. God bless Nelson and every person but especially those that are searching and seeking for the things that many of us take for granted.

Nelson’s friends say he is funny, creative and intelligent. And that he likes doing things that helps other people out. Nelson said if he had 3 wishes the number one thing would be for a family. When asked what family means to him he said “Family means someone who loves me, cares about me, that respects me and I respect them.” Yes…I’m crying. Can you help us find Nelson a family? Do you know someone who can? Your help would be greatly appreciated! ❤️For more info: [email protected] or DM us!

Click here for Nelson’s video!