Forever Family Friday – Ciana and Brianna

Happy July 1st everyone. I just can not believe that we are celebrating @sjtuohys birthday and Independence Day this weekend. Where has the time gone? I’m praying that your enthusiasm is not dwindling because these kids need more than social media posts and institutions and words and charity. They need us! To invest time in them. To help them understand and overcome and provide and protect them. To help them move forward. Doesn’t The Declaration of Independence say something about the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness as inalienable rights? This is America. These kids deserve the love of a family and happiness. To me it seems like that is their right. So I pray that this weekend while you are enjoying time together with friends and family and being with those you love you think about these kids who aren’t afforded those same luxuries that you are experiencing – because of no fault of their own. Let me introduce you to two amazing young ladies that need our help. Please meet Ciana and Brianna. They deserve happiness. They deserve a forever family.

These sisters are from Alabama. Brianna is 17 and is very shy but family oriented. She enjoys watching movies, playing games on her laptop, talking with friends, doing her nails, and attending church. Brianna is interested in playing on the high school basketball team. When she finishes high school, she would like to open her own nail salon. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because she can be with her siblings and eat! Whoo hoo! Mine too! Her favorite restaurant is McDonalds.

Ciana is 16 and is shy, but very friendly and sweet. She has a contagious smile. Ciana enjoys basketball, football & dancing. Some of her favorite things include spending time outside, eating hot wings, listening to music, and watching shows on the Disney Channel. Her favorite holiday is Christmas! Love this.

Please join me in sharing these sisters with our community. Please help to find their forever family!! For more information contact [email protected]. Or message us! Thank you for continuing to journey with us!