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Forever Family Friday – Johnny

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You all have been incredibly generous and amazing in purchasing gifts for the foster kids wish lists that we have shared. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Please know that you have made a difference in the lives of deserving kids this Christmas season. We still have a few more items that are available to purchase if you want to join the giving band wagon. Some of you have shared with me that a gift your ordered may not arrive on time. The agencies are aware. They know Santa may be a few days late with some items this year. Even Santa has to deal with supply chain shortages 😉Everyone is doing the best that they can and even if it arrives late it will still be enjoyed! These kids are asking for t-shirts and socks and basic essentials that most of us take for granted. We asked them to shoot for the moon on their list. So there are some items that are just things that they are “wishing” for! However…The best gift of all for these kids would be a family. Please keep praying, sharing and posting them. And hopefully that Christmas Miracle will come true for some! Now please allow me to introduce you to Johnny.

Johnny is 12 years old and lives in Arizona. But…remember all children we share can be adopted outside of their home state. Johnny enjoys basketball and football – especially the Golden State Warriors. His favorite players are Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Johnny likes school and is very sociable. He likes PE and playing sports with his friends, and math is his favorite subject. In the next year he would like to join a basketball or football team.

The ideal family for Johnny would be loving, patient, structured and active! Johnny strongly desires a family willing to go out and do fun things together, such as bowling and going to the movies, or taking him to the arcade. He needs consistency and would thrive in a family that can show him that they are in it for the long haul, and are also willing to maintain connections to his sister.

For more information please contact Heather at [email protected]


Mikhail is 20 years old and has been a resident of Opportunity House for 2 years within “Children In Crisis.” Mikhail spent most of his life in Pensacola, Florida, but moved to Fort Walton Beach for his high school years and graduated from Choctawhatchee High School. He has worked a variety of jobs since being at Children in Crisis and attended Okaloosa Technical College where he enrolled in their IT program.
Mikhail saved up his income and purchased his first vehicle this year and will be applying to take classes
at Northwest Florida State College. Mikhail has a strong interest in computers and enjoys


Kevyn is 22 years old and has been a resident of Opportunity House within “Children in Crisis” for three and a half years. He grew up in Crestview, Florida and graduated from Crestview High School. He is currently a senior at Northwest Florida State College where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business. In
addition to being a full-time student, Kevyn also works a full-time job and is saving money to purchase
his first car. Kevyn is a hard worker, intelligent, soft spoken, and has a very kind heart.

Forever Family Friday – Khalil, Amara, Abriel, Abrum, Lyana and Tylia

The foster care system is a process, children can be in care for 3 days or 3 years. Unfortunately, the latter is often the reality and the average youth in foster care experiences at least 3 different placements in one calendar year. Consistency and a stable environment are critical for children and we have been blessed to know many families who offer that safe place for foster children.

The Hoebel family in Kissimmee, FL has a home full of love and laughter. Over the past 12 years Scott and Jennifer have had dozens of foster youth in their home. This Christmas season they have 6 beautiful children and we are honored to be able to share their wish lists. Help us spread Christmas magic and joy to these sweet and smiley faces. Check out their lists below!

Forever Family Friday – Keegan and Theodore

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday everyone. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And as of today we are officially into the holiday season! Not sure how we got here so quickly but we did and as November comes to a close, so does National Adoption Month. For us however, we will keep on keeping on and will continue each Friday highlighting, recognizing and shouting from the roof tops for the 425,000+ kids “in the system”. It is not just one month for us. We will continue to share the kids year round. I hope you’ll continue to journey with us. I would be so grateful if you would ask others to journey with us. These kids need us. They need just one post a week on your social media. Heck, I’ll settle for one every other week. They need just a little of your time each week. Together we have the potential to help make a difference in their lives. You don’t know when a seed has been planted or a prayer will be answered. We just can’t give up on these kids.

The boys we’re sharing with you today are 8 and 10 years old and thankfully have each other. Their family structure and home and school may be changing and other unknowns could be coming but keeping them together is a priority. Often siblings are split up in the system and that’s heartbreaking. Let’s find them their forever family and keep them together! What an amazing Christmas gift that would be.

Keegan and Theodore live in Alabama and they both love spending time outdoors. Keegan is 10 and while he can be shy around strangers, once he is comfortable he will engage in conversation. He loves to help around the house and play video games! Theodore is 8 and he has a love for all things outdoors. He especially loves fishing and working in the garden. These brothers need a family who is able to provide them patience, understanding, and unconditional love. Please share these boys. Please pray for them! Thank you! Please contact [email protected] and [email protected]. Photo by Grace Photography. Click here to learn more and see their video.

Forever Family Friday – Liam

I can’t believe it’s November. Which means we are all starting to get geared up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s actually one of my favorite months of the year. It’s a month that focuses on giving. It’s a month that people seem to start thinking about others more than themselves in my opinion. My father’s birthday is November 17th so he’s always on my mind during November, and it’s also National Adoption month. National adoption day is November 19th. If you have been following me for a while you know that this month is near and dear to my heart. #ForeverFamilyFriday started as a one month event in which I would share a child every day during November. It has now turned into a weekly event year round! We have shared hundreds of children, many of whom have connected with their forever families. Sadly many have not. BUT – we keep pressing on! I believe awareness, education, and continued discussions are moving the needle to connecting the 425,000+ kids with their forever families. Thank you, thank you, thank you for journeying with us and please keep sharing, posting and talking about these kids! My friend Rob Scheer said it best in a post this week… “I always questioned if I was ready to adopt. Then I realized, no child was ever ready to be an orphan or in foster care.” There have never been truer words. Please meet Liam. He needs us!

Liam is 14 and lives in Arizona. He is helpful and loving and enjoys being outside. His favorite sport is soccer and he enjoys drawing and swimming as well. Something fun Liam would like to do is swim with fish. Lunch and friends are the best part of school for Liam, although he likes math, science, art and ceramics. One day he would like to learn how to build things out of wood and/or metal and eventually have his own business selling his creations.

A family that is loving, caring and patient that can provide structure and one on one attention is ideal for Liam. And also  who is committed to helping him do his best in school. He loves dogs so that would be a bonus! Can you be that family for Liam? For more information please contact Heather at [email protected] or visit their website. Click here to watch a special news story about Liam.

Forever Family Friday – Dominique

Every child deserves to grow up safe and loved and protected from neglect and abuse. Sadly that is just not the case for so many. My hope each Friday is that someone will see my post and be brave and bold and be led to open their hearts and homes to a child that is longing to be loved and feel safe and wanted. We need families that can provide stability and love for kids that so desperately need it. So as Halloween is quickly approaching and as we are thinking about trick or treating and we’re planning and prepping and purchasing costumes and parties and decorations… I hope and pray that we can treat the kids in foster care the way they deserve and should be treated. They deserve Halloween fun and love and kindness and stability and structure…they deserve a family! Please allow me to introduce you to Dominique. She needs us!

 Dominique is 12 years old and lives in Alabama. She enjoys singing, dancing, cooking and journaling. If she could plan the perfect day she would go on a drive with the windows down and listen to music! She enjoys the beach and the pool and likes to swim. Math is this 7th graders favorite subject. When Dominique grows up she would like to be a Neurosurgeon so that she can help save peoples lives! WOW! When asked what makes her smile she said when she “notices or sees that someone is caring for me or loving me.” That is just heart breaking. Can we PLEASE help make Dominque smile!? Can you help?

For more information please contact [email protected] Photo by Colorbox Photographers

Click here for Dominique’s video 

Forever Family Friday – Salina

Each week, actually every day, I receive requests from so many of you all asking for support or suggestions for your child. Questions on how we raised our kids. Questions on how to get on such and such team. How to find the best tutor. Where to look for scholarships. What to do when a coach is not fair. How to get a college to look at your kids. What our curfew time was. What our rules were on usage of the phone and computer and on and on. I’m humbled that you guys would ask me any questions at all. What I can tell you is that parenting is not easy. Whether it is with your biological children or with a child you have brought into your home and are raising. It’s a full time job with so much overtime that it’s mind blowing. It’s moments filled with lots of prayer, discussions with your friends and family, searching and researching and seeking help and advice and fighting for your kids and championing for them at all times. It’s triumphs and tragedies. I could go on and on but my point of this as we are sitting here on yet another #ForeverFamilyFriday is that the kids we post each week don’t have anyone asking questions for them. These kids need to know they matter to someone. They need someone asking questions and championing for them. It takes a village and we need you for just a few minutes each week to share a child with someone that can help. Someone who can ask questions for them and fight for them. Here is a young lady who matters. Please help me fight for her too! Meet Salina.

Salina is sixteen and lives in Arizona. Full of energy and humor, she loves playing volleyball and basketball with her friends and jamming to her favorite music. When Salina is in her element, you can find her breaking out new dance moves learned on Tik Tok. She loves to teach others how to dance. Wonder if she can help Seanie? She enjoys going to the park to play basketball or Peter Piper Pizza to play games and eat hot wings. At school, Salina enjoys math class and learning new things. She dreams of going to Disneyland or Disneyworld someday, and if she could have three wishes, she would wish for unlimited coffee, unlimited Takis, and to be a great singer.

Salina would thrive in a family that will love and support her where she is. The family for Salina will be patient, understanding and will help her stay connected to her siblings in Arizona. For more information please contact Heather at [email protected]



















Forever Family Friday – Mercedes

Life’s not fair! It’s not fair! How many times have you either been told this or said this? I look at the faces of these kids that we post every Friday and I think to myself IT’S NOT FAIR! I think how differently life could have been for each and everyone of the kids we post if not for ____. And that sentence could be finished in so many different ways. I wish I could sit with each and everyone of you that is reading this right now and share stories with you of kids that were labeled unplaceable or rejected or some other term that would make you cringe. Yet when they are offered hope, love and opportunity their lives are vastly different. My heart aches for the kids that missed out on getting books read to them at bedtime or having a birthday cake or getting a Christmas gift or playing a family game in the security of a home or even having their own bed. Why do some kids get love and a family and fun vacations and warm fuzzy moments and some get their lives disrupted and they get removed and labeled? I wish I knew the answer to that. But I do know that here is a young lady today that we have an opportunity to make a difference in her life. We have an opportunity to offer her those warm fuzzy moments. Please allow me to introduce you to Mercedes.

Mercedes is 16 years old and from Georgia. She enjoys watching documentaries and music videos as well as football and basketball games. Mercedes likes to play Monopoly and football. Her favorite subject in school is literature. One day she would like to own her own business or be a singer or rapper, and she enjoys writing her own lyrics! Mercedes’ favorite holidays are Christmas and Valentine’s day. Christmas because of Jesus and giving but also family and time to be together. Valentine’s day she likes because it is about love. ME TOO! Mercedes needs a loving family who will give her one on one attention, support, encouragement, structure, and the nurturing environment she needs to continue to thrive and reach her goals. She needs someone to offer her warm fuzzy family moments. Can you be this family she needs? Can you help us find this family? For more info please contact Rebecca: [email protected]

Thank You! ❤️

Click here for Mercedes’ video!




















Forever Family Friday – Ivan

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday everyone! I just wanted to a minute to remind you guys that we can all make a difference in the lives of the kids we post each Friday. We totally understand that the vast majority of folks that read this may not be the person to adopt BUT you can be the spark…the connection…the bond…the association to our kids and their #ForeverFamily! You are an important part of the journey. Please share, comment and like each post. Discuss them if you have an opportunity with friends and family. Lift them and everyone involved up in prayer. If you feel you can do more, get your home study done! That way you are ready to welcome a child into your home. You can also support a family that is a foster family. They need us too. You can support them with a simple click on their Amazon wish list. There are many ways to help and they are ALL important and needed. This is an everyone problem. This is not their problem. This is a we problem. We simply need more homes and loving hearts for these amazing kids. Please let me introduce you to one amazing kid Ivan! He needs a Forever Family.

Ivan is 17 years old and lives in Alabama. He describes himself as nice and his friends would say he is outgoing. He enjoys basketball with his friends when he is not at work. Football, soccer and video games are also on his list of activities. He would like to pursue acting or being an electrician. Can you be Ivan’s forever family? Can you pray for him? Thank You!!! ❤️

For more information please contact [email protected]
Photo Becca Frederick Photography