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Forever Family Friday – Connor

There are many many hard conversations that parents have had to have this week with their kids. From the horrific school shooting in Nashville to deadly storms in Mississippi to unexpected illnesses and many problems none of us will ever even know about…the bad news at times seems almost too much to bear. Yet as a parent, counselor, coach, teacher or whatever the title might be, we often work tirelessly to help kids process their feelings and emotions caused by these heartbreaking events. We try to assure kids they are safe and secure and to remind them of the hope we have. But for kids that are in foster care their lives are often filled with fear and so many uncertainties, to no fault of their own, and they are not provided the structure and security and comfort and love that they so deserve. So many of these kids don’t have people in their lives that they can go to to navigate their feelings and emotions and circumstances of our crazy world. There’s no one to assure them as they lay their head on their pillow each night. To love them and remind them as they walk out the door in the morning that someone will be there for them that night. I want so badly for the thousands of kids “in the system” to have security, hope, love and opportunity. I want this for Connor.

Please allow me to introduce you to Connor. He is 14 and lives in Alabama. When he gets older he would like to go to law school and become a lawyer! Connor enjoys football, video games, and reading. Alaska is on his list for vacations. He’d like to climb mountains and go skiing. But also he’d like to visit Antarctica because not many travel there, and he’d like to see penguins. He describes himself as funny, nice and loyal. And he says he can pick up new skills easily. Can you help Connor navigate this crazy world and help him fulfill his dreams? Can you provide him the security and love he so desperately needs? For information on Connor please contact [email protected]
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Click here to watch Connor’s video.

Forever Family Friday – Adam

Children enter into the foster care system by the hundreds of thousands each year. Read that sentence again. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS! That is a staggering amount. For roughly every 1000 children in the US, 3 to 4 kids enter the foster care system…every year! The majority of kids are “in the system” 1-2 years, and over 10% are in the system over 5 years. It makes me so sad to think about all the things that these kids miss or never even experience because they have no family. We have to do something to stop these kids from becoming a statistic. It’s happening at an alarming rate. We can start here. Please allow me to introduce you to Adam. We have to do all we can do to try and make a difference in his life. He deserves a forever family.

Adam is 16 and lives in Arizona. He is always willing to help others. Adam enjoys playing football for his high school and is looking forward to trying karate in the future. Watching action movies is one of his favorite things to do, especially ones involving superheroes. He likes playing video games too.

Adam will do best with a family who is structured and reliable. He enjoys spending quality time with people in his life and values one-on-one time and communication. Adam is at a time in his live where he is young and able to learn so much from those around him, but also flourishing in his own character. For more information please reach out to Heather at [email protected] or touch base with us! Thank you! ❤️

Forever Family Friday – Kishia

Top of the morning to you all or should I just say Happy St. Patrick’s Day? I mean… you guys know the name Sean Tuohy is very Irish so we totally embrace all things St. Patrick’s day! From the green and white to leprechauns and shamrocks it’s all about St. Paddy’s Day in the Tuohy household! This fun day is celebrated in so many places with parades and street parties and all kind of fun festivities! Chicago even turns their river green. But today I’d love to celebrate it by using all the luck that this day offers to a beautiful young lady to help her find her forever family. St. Patrick himself would agree with me on this one.

Please allow me to introduce you to Kishia. She is 11 years old and lives in Georgia. She is smart, talkative, inquisitive, helpful, friendly and wants to be a teacher when she grows up – or maybe a superhero and save the world! Softball is her favorite sport and in high school she would like to be a member of her school’s dance team.  Kishia feels accomplished when she helps people, and her dream is helping homeless people. I love this!

Kishia needs a loving adoptive family who will give her the attention, support, encouragement, structure and nurturing environment she needs to continue to thrive and reach her goals. She simply wants “parents to love me.” Her family will also need to support her desire to maintain her relationship with her brother who has planned for separately. Breaks my heart. Can you help us find Kishia her forever family? ☘️ For more info contact [email protected]

Click here to see Kishia’s video

Forever Family Friday – Andrew

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday everyone. Did you know there is a great need for foster parents in our country? The needs are truly at epidemic level to help kids in foster care find loving and stable homes. And listen, I know as well as anyone reading this that parenting in general is hard and foster parenting is no different! It has its own set of unique challenges. BUT – it also has its own set of rewards and benefits. Foster parenting allows us to help another human…to love and support them…to come along side them and help them get over the hurdles and to help them heal. To offer another what we have been given. I say it all the time it’s not for everyone, but for those who step into this receive some of life’s sweetest rewards. These kids deserve someone who will never give up on them. Can you be that someone? Please allow me to introduce you to someone so worth receiving all that we have to offer.


Meet Anthony! He is 17 and lives in Florida. Anthony is intelligent, curious and perceptive – he’s a go with the flow type of person. Incredibly resourceful and resilient, Anthony is goal oriented and focused. Anthony loves animals and hopes to study veterinary medicine in his future, but with his ROTC background he is also interested in the military. With his easy going tolerance and humor, Anthony has many friends and makes new ones quickly.

In school his favorite subjects are weight training and art. His caretakers believe Anthony can accomplish “Anything he sets his mind to with the right people in his corner.” Anthony is wise beyond his years – yet is still a boy ready for his forever family. Anthony says “I want a family who will make me feel wanted.” That’s heartbreaking. Any help you can give in helping us find Anthony a forever family would be appreciated!

For more information please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa 813-390-5345. Thank you! Photo by Arianna Bennett

Forever Family Friday – Corin and Chyna

Happy March y’all! I do love when March rolls around because it means spring is cranking up. I always get a sense of new beginnings and hope. I get so excited when those first daffodils pop up in the ground and the trees start budding. I get a feeling of encouragement and strength like if they can overcome winter…so can I. It’s like the new and the fresh make me aspire to be the best I can be. Here’s two great kids that need us to offer them all of this and more. They need to be encouraged and loved. They need to be nurtured and cared for. Please allow me to introduce you to Corin and Chyna who are definitely worth every ounce of love and all the encouragement we have in us! 


Corin is 12 years old and Chyna is 10 years old and they live in Tennessee. They love being together and make each other laugh more than anything! Corin is an intelligent young man who loves to play and watch sports, especially football. He also loves being outdoors, playing with animals, video games and drawing. Corin loves cheeseburgers and desserts.


Chyna is a very energetic young lady who loves girly things of all sorts! Me too! She loves dressing up, putting on lip gloss and going on outings. Chyna also likes to play sports, especially soccer. She loves to dance and read…and dogs! She also likes to spend time with her brother. This sweet sibling set says “Belonging means you don’t have to be related to be family.”  “Family means love.” They deserve love. Can you help us find their forever family? Can you like this post? Can you talk about them to your friends and family? Your help could be a game changer. For more information please contact or DM us!


Click the link to hear the kind words they have to say about each other.