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Forever Family Friday – Sharinna

I can’t believe that summer is quickly coming to an end… but sadly it is and you know what that means. It means students all over this country are gearing up for a new school year. Sometimes for kids in foster care it is not always the same experience everyone else is having. It will be a new school for many or maybe even a new city or they don’t have the supplies they need or there’s already a knock on them just because they are in foster care….the list could go on and on. Parents…I urge you to take a minute and talk to your kids about being kind to all at school. Encourage them to sit with the kid at lunch that no one is sitting with. Explain to them the importance of talking up for the kid that is being bullied. Teach them to just be nice and treat their peers as they want to be treated. Please allow me introduce you to an amazing young lady that we are hoping has a fabulous school year. We hope that we can help her find her forever family. A family that can be there for all she needs them to be.

Sharinna is 14 years old and lives in South Carolina. She is a helpful and caring young lady who enjoys going to church. If she were president for a day she would “give all the homeless people a place to stay.” God bless her beautiful heart! She wants to be a hair stylist so she can be her own boss. Girl! I love that entrepreneurial spirit. She is very driven and likes to get things done. Sharinna’s perfect day is being adopted on a sunny beautiful day. Oh sweet girl. She’d like a family with a mom that likes to be active outdoors. Can you help Sharinna with her forever family. Can YOU be that mom? Please share! Please Like this post! Please Repost! All of this will help get the algorithm up so more people will see Sharinna. Thanks so very much! ❤️

For more information please contact Holly at (864) 282-4781 [email protected]
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Forever Family Friday – Dereon

What a lovely week it has been! I can not thank you enough for all the birthday wishes! If I have not responded to you I promise I am going to! I undoubtedly have the nicest friends like family on Instagram! I’m serious. I felt very loved and celebrated. And OMG…I thank you so so much for those who have helped #ClearTheLists for the very deserving Foster Parents and Teachers! This has been one of the greatest gifts I received! Do you guys like having this option to give? If you do…we will share lists again at Christmas for our #ForeverFamilyFriday kids. Let me know! The responses we have received from these teachers and foster parents will bring you to tears. I’m going to do something for all the people that have participated in this give. I’m just trying to process that right now. AND…It’s not too late to join in the giving. The lists are on our foundation website (The link is in the bio) AND also on my Facebook post. Now…Please let me introduce you to Dereon. He is pretty amazing and deserves our undivided attention.

Dereon is 11 years old and lives in Tennessee. He deserves to feel loved and celebrated. He is caring, kind, witty and smart, and loves to tell stories that will make you laugh! One day he would like to go into the army and help people. He loves Michael Jordan and playing sports. His favorite sport is soccer. Dereon loves playing with friends and just being able to be active. He loves school and is very smart. Dereon is resilient and very determined and has big dreams for his life. He longs for a family that is loving, caring, helpful and supportive. Can you be that family for Dereon? We would so appreciate you liking and sharing this post. It makes a difference. For more information please contact or DM us! Click here for Dereon’s video.






Forever Family Friday – Elijah, Maurissa, Omar, Jayson and Andrew

One of the most important things in the world to me is family. Having a large, loving, caring, close knit family… that’s what it’s all about. It’s like you have your own set of friends and allies. It’s just a great feeling to know that there’s always somebody there for you. Personally I think we are all part of the human family. We should all be there for each other. Allow me to introduce you to five siblings that are part of our human family. They need us to advocate and champion for them. They need to know somebody is there for them. They are from Florida and range from 8-16 years old! I personally have just one brother, but my cousins, extended family and friends like family certainly make up for just one sibling. I love large gatherings and time spent with them. I want that for these kids. Warm fuzzy moments with their forever family. Can you help us find that family? Please let me introduce you to this beautiful sibling group from Florida!

Elijah is the oldest at 16. He loves to watch TV, draw, play with puppets and is fascinated with ventriloquists. His perfect day would be spent at Disney World meeting his favorite character, Mickey Mouse. Maurissa, the only sister, is 14 and says she is still deciding on a future career path but is considering being a lawyer, a fashion designer or a hairstylist. For fun, she enjoys cheering and running. She would like her adoptive family to know “I laugh a lot.” Omar, 11, is the caretaker of the group. He always makes sure his siblings are well taken care of which is especially sweet not being the oldest. He likes to play football, swim & play video games. He would like his adoptive family to know he’s a “good kid.” Jayson is 10 and is all about football! One day he would like to play professionally. He also enjoys basketball, playing video games and likes dogs. Andrew is 8, loves swimming, riding his bike and listening to music. Andrew’s favorite animal is a hippo. He hopes his adoptive family has a hippo….and a sense of humor.

This dynamic sibling group hopes to find a FUN family who will value their sibling bond while encouraging their individuality. For more info please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-314-2021. THANK YOU ❤️ Photo: Marissa Moss Photography