Forever Family Friday – Peyton

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday Y’all! While it has been an extremely busy week for Team Tuohy prepping and preparing for our clear the lists for our teachers I do not want to ever miss an opportunity to talk about a kid in foster care that needs our help. So let’s shift gears for just a minute and talk about helping in another way. Did you know that helping others can actually help you? I’m serious. It makes you feel useful and brings you a sense that you’ve made a real difference. It brings you true joy and happiness. It’s like giving and helping others changes your brain chemistry for the better. This “InstaVillage” of ours that we are a part of may not be able to change this crazy world but we might be able to change the world for a few amazing humans. Let me introduce you to one of those humans!

Please meet Peyton! She is 14 years old and lives in Florida. You may remember her sister Haley we shared in December. We just learned they BOTH need forever families! How sweet it would be if these 2 girls could be adopted together! Peyton is extremely outgoing, loves to talk and meet new people and is quite entertaining (I have heard that description before!) She loves math and science and says her friends would describe her as friendly.

Peyton will continue to blossom and thrive in a family who can provide the perfect balance of love, nurture, structure, discipline and consistency. She has been in foster care for 9 ½ years. That’s CRAZY! The hardest part Peyton says is getting to know people and going house to house. To her family means love, support and caring about children. Let’s see if we can’t change the world for Peyton and bring her some consistence and stability.

For more information on Peyton please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-390-5345 or DM us! Thank you!❤️

Photographer: Alicia Johnson Photography