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Forever Family Friday – Nelson

Happy Forever Family Friday. As I sat looking at the young man that I am sharing today I thought about the first time Sean and I talked about posting kids each week that needed a forever family. I was hopeful that we could find just one child a forever family. Just one. I would then consider this ministry successful. And…Here we are, several years later and while there is still much work to do numerous kids have been placed with families. We have planted seeds of awareness as well as uplifted and provided for many others. I hope and pray that some of this awareness leads to action. We all need to take action for those in the foster care system that feel alone, forgotten and uncared for. This young man deserves a forever family. Please allow me to introduce you to Nelson.

Nelson is 17 and lives in Tennessee. He is an extremely energetic young man that is a great critical thinker and problem solver with great potential. He enjoys swimming, video games and sports, especially basketball. Music is important to him, as is his faith. He once wrote a rap song called “I Love the Lord” that says “Get on your knees and pray. You’ve got to love the Lord, love the Lord, love the Lord. ” Nelson says he looks to the Lord to help him with his troubles. God bless Nelson and every person but especially those that are searching and seeking for the things that many of us take for granted.

Nelson’s friends say he is funny, creative and intelligent. And that he likes doing things that helps other people out. Nelson said if he had 3 wishes the number one thing would be for a family. When asked what family means to him he said “Family means someone who loves me, cares about me, that respects me and I respect them.” Yes…I’m crying. Can you help us find Nelson a family? Do you know someone who can? Your help would be greatly appreciated! ❤️For more info: [email protected] or DM us!

Click here for Nelson’s video!

Forever Family Friday – Tray

The journey of being a foster parent or the forever family of a child coming from the system is a mixed bag of emotions and experiences. It ranges from beautiful and sweet to heartbreaking and hard. But guess what…God heals those that have been hurt and transforms lives and hearts every second of everyday! He changed lives that you would have thought could never have been transformed. What we need are people to step up and open their homes and their hearts to these kids. I am hoping that more and more awareness comes from our Forever Family Friday posts and that awareness will lead folks to action. Action that will help us transform lives and bring awareness to these amazing kids longing for a family.

Please allow me to introduce you to Tray (short for D’Atrayhemia). Let’s help him find his forever family. He is 13 years old and lives in Alabama. His personality is loving and kind and his favorite colors are red and black. He enjoys playing video games, basketball, and drawing. In school, he enjoys both reading and math yet social studies is his favorite. He loves to go is church, where he can sing his favorite songs. Me too! Mexican is his favorite food. Mine too! Three words Tray uses to describe himself are funny, friendly and nice. I love that!

Can you be the forever family for Tray? Do you know someone who could? For more information please contact [email protected]

Thank You ❤️



Forever Family Friday – Christina

In October of 2020 on my #ForeverFamilyFriday post we shared a darling unicorn-headband-wearing young lady named Christina. There was lots of chatter and conversation about her. There were families that expressed interest and asked lots of questions about her. But guess what? SHE IS STILL IN NEED of her #ForeverFamily! Nothing panned out. It’s heartbreaking to have a flutter of activity and get your hopes up and then have nothing happen. It just seems so unfair. Christina is now 13 and needs a family more than ever. She likes to sketch, dance, do flips, and play sports – especially flag football, basketball and baseball. Christina likes superheroes and her favorites are Black Panther and Wonder Women…because they fight crime! She has a heart for homeless people and tells a sweet story of giving someone one of her dollars. When faced with adversity she is still thinking of others. While she is in need she is still giving of what she has. How beautiful is that?!?

It breaks my heart that many of the kids we have shared are still in need of their forever family. Praise the Lord many have been matched and many are living with their new family. However many have not. Each year these kids are missing out on another birthday, Christmas, school year and milestone. They need us. Please join our call to action! Please share Christina! Please help us find someone who will open their home to her. Please help us to help her feel wanted and loved. For more information please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-390-5345 or DM us. Thank you!❤️



Forever Family Friday – Kevin

There are over 400,000 kids in the foster care system and currently only around 213,000 licensed foster parents. Those numbers are like a flashing neon sign that says “we are in a foster care crisis!” 100,000 of those 400,000 kids are currently eligible for adoption. All we need is someone to say yes. So many of these kids have been shuffled from place to place and have no sense of permanency. Most of them probably had around 10 minutes each time they were moved to throw their personal belongings into a black trash bag to travel. It has just been a continual cycle of disappointment and heartbreak for them. These kids deserve more than 10 minutes. These are some of the most vulnerable kids in our communities and they need our support. They need us to be an advocate for them. Here is a young man that deserves someone championing for him and someone advocating for him and someone to support him and he certainly deserves more than 10 minutes of someone’s time.

Please allow me to introduce you to Kevin. He is 10 years old and lives in Arizona. Kevin is an avid DC comic lover and will tell you all about the different characters and their stories. He also likes Legos, trucks and coloring. With a great imagination Kevin has some great adventures during play time.

Kevin loves school and enjoys spending time with his peers and playing games. The ideal family for Kevin would be one that is warm and has solid boundaries, while being silly and playing around. A family that is patient and understanding would allow Kevin to get comfortable and know that he can trust them.

Patient, understanding and silly. Is that your family? Do you know of a family that would be perfect for Kevin? Reminder the first step is to get your home study done and information on how is on our foundation’s website. Please join us in helping find Kevin his forever family. Thank you!❤️

Please contact Heather at [email protected] or DM us!




Forever Family Friday – Hunter

Happy Forever Family Friday Y’all. So right now as you are reading this post there are hundred of thousands of children and teens in our foster care system who are waiting for the love and security that a permanent home and a forever family provides. A family that will help with healing and restoration. People that they can look to and know are dependable and trustworthy. These kids are longing for the basics…family dinners, playing board games with parents and siblings and just having loved ones to share how their day went. Please allow me to introduce you to a young man that wants to be a part of a family that takes care of each other. Is that asking too much? Most kids his age should NOT have that on their wish list! It’s heartbreaking.



Please meet Hunter! He is 11 years old and lives in Tennessee. Hunter likes sports – especially basketball and football but also frisbee, fishing and hunting. He loves nature and dogs and would be excited to be part of a family that has dogs. Hunter is creative and is very thoughtful with those he cares about. Pizza is his favorite food and his ideal birthday would be swimming. When he gets older he would like to go in the army!

Belonging in a family means taking care of each other Hunter says. Can you be the family that can help take care of Hunter?

For more information please contact Karen at [email protected]. Or DM us!

Click here to see Hunter’s video.