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Forever Family Friday – Kevin

There are over 400,000 kids in the foster care system and currently only around 213,000 licensed foster parents. Those numbers are like a flashing neon sign that says “we are in a foster care crisis!” 100,000 of those 400,000 kids are currently eligible for adoption. All we need is someone to say yes. So many of these kids have been shuffled from place to place and have no sense of permanency. Most of them probably had around 10 minutes each time they were moved to throw their personal belongings into a black trash bag to travel. It has just been a continual cycle of disappointment and heartbreak for them. These kids deserve more than 10 minutes. These are some of the most vulnerable kids in our communities and they need our support. They need us to be an advocate for them. Here is a young man that deserves someone championing for him and someone advocating for him and someone to support him and he certainly deserves more than 10 minutes of someone’s time.

Please allow me to introduce you to Kevin. He is 10 years old and lives in Arizona. Kevin is an avid DC comic lover and will tell you all about the different characters and their stories. He also likes Legos, trucks and coloring. With a great imagination Kevin has some great adventures during play time.

Kevin loves school and enjoys spending time with his peers and playing games. The ideal family for Kevin would be one that is warm and has solid boundaries, while being silly and playing around. A family that is patient and understanding would allow Kevin to get comfortable and know that he can trust them.

Patient, understanding and silly. Is that your family? Do you know of a family that would be perfect for Kevin? Reminder the first step is to get your home study done and information on how is on our foundation’s website. Please join us in helping find Kevin his forever family. Thank you!❤️

Please contact Heather at [email protected] or DM us!




Children In Crisis

Children In Crisis, Florida is a 501c nonprofit committed to finding homes for children in foster care and keeping brothers and sisters together in the panhandle of Florida. Since 2008, they have given a safe and loving home to over 995 children. They have an Emergency Shelter, five-family foster homes, and an Opportunity home, with 8-studio apartments for the young adults that age out of Foster Care. They also have a clubhouse and Administration Offices, with a new Therapy Center due to be completed spring of 2022.

In addition they have 2 specific children indeed of Christmas support and love this year. They have “Aged out” of the system and will be living at the Opportunity House.

Forever Family Friday – Khalil, Amara, Abriel, Abrum, Lyana and Tylia

The foster care system is a process, children can be in care for 3 days or 3 years. Unfortunately, the latter is often the reality and the average youth in foster care experiences at least 3 different placements in one calendar year. Consistency and a stable environment are critical for children and we have been blessed to know many families who offer that safe place for foster children.

The Hoebel family in Kissimmee, FL has a home full of love and laughter. Over the past 12 years Scott and Jennifer have had dozens of foster youth in their home. This Christmas season they have 6 beautiful children and we are honored to be able to share their wish lists. Help us spread Christmas magic and joy to these sweet and smiley faces. Check out their lists below!

Base Camp Coding Academy

Base Camp Coding Academy is a non-profit program that offers challenging, fun, hands-on software development training to nominated Mississippi students. Every Base Camp student receives a 100% scholarship. In this alternative to a traditional college experience, the students are trained in the fundamentals, as well as front end, back end, Java and Spring.

For more information on Base Camp Coding Academy please click here.