Forever Family Friday – Hunter

Happy Forever Family Friday Y’all. So right now as you are reading this post there are hundred of thousands of children and teens in our foster care system who are waiting for the love and security that a permanent home and a forever family provides. A family that will help with healing and restoration. People that they can look to and know are dependable and trustworthy. These kids are longing for the basics…family dinners, playing board games with parents and siblings and just having loved ones to share how their day went. Please allow me to introduce you to a young man that wants to be a part of a family that takes care of each other. Is that asking too much? Most kids his age should NOT have that on their wish list! It’s heartbreaking.



Please meet Hunter! He is 11 years old and lives in Tennessee. Hunter likes sports – especially basketball and football but also frisbee, fishing and hunting. He loves nature and dogs and would be excited to be part of a family that has dogs. Hunter is creative and is very thoughtful with those he cares about. Pizza is his favorite food and his ideal birthday would be swimming. When he gets older he would like to go in the army!

Belonging in a family means taking care of each other Hunter says. Can you be the family that can help take care of Hunter?

For more information please contact Karen at [email protected]. Or DM us!

Click here to see Hunter’s video.