Forever Family Friday – Kristianna and Tayshawn

Happy Super Bowl weekend y’all! Are you interested in the game? Are you cheering for the Chiefs or the Eagles or just watching the commercials? Regardless there is an unbelievable amount of energy and excitement surrounding the event. We landed in Scottsdale earlier today and it’s lit! The preparation and planning and time that goes into getting to this point is beyond what you can imagine. The amount of practices, drills, workouts, meal requirements and the many many other things necessary to get to the Super Bowl is crazy. It’s a journey! There are proud parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, high school coaches, college coaches and trainers flooding to Arizona to support and celebrate their athlete. The player’s hometowns rally around them and follow every step of this moment. You know I pray that each child we share has a community of people cheering them on. People helping them achieve their goals and champion for them along the way. Communities that support them and believe in them. Please allow me to introduce you to this amazing sibling duo that deserve it all and we have the ability to try and make it happen!

Kristanna and Tayshawn are both 15 years old and love to play basketball, laugh and have fun! Kristianna wants a family that is affectionate and will pay close attention to the little details about her that no one else does. She desires unconditional love. She wants to be a part of a big family that cares about one another more than themselves. Tayshawn wants to be a part of a family who loves him and encourages him to make good choices daily and to succeed in his goals. He is very smart and cares a lot about school. Drawing, playing the drums and singing are some of his favorite things. He needs a family that is going to love him unconditionally and stick with him through any trial and tribulation.  Every child does. Every child deserves unconditional love. Every child deserves people cheering for them to win! ❤️ Please contact [email protected] Katie & Cindy photography