Forever Family Friday week 32 – Dylan

The first week of June! School is out and people are shifting mindsets of routine and structure, to fun and relaxation. Family vacations. Days spent maybe at the beach, lake, park. Trips to the grandparents house and maybe even the library for summer reading. Popsicles from the ice-cream man. Picnics in the backyard. Sleepovers at friends’ homes. These are things of summer. If you are a foster child, I’m wondering how much you have to look forward to during this season? Is it really any different? Hopefully the foster parents are trying to make summer memories, but mostly my guess would be they are doing their best to handle one day at a time with basics of food, clothing and shelter. These next few weeks, look around you, do you have space for one more kid making a s’more around the bonfire? Do you have one more pair of goggles for a kid to use in the pool? Summer is a time to refuel and recharge, it’s also a great time time to plug in and help give someone a chance.

Please meet Dylan. He is 8 years old and from Oklahoma. He has a knockout smile and a fun personality! He likes to be known as Silly Dilly and he lives up to that name. He is a funny typical 8-year-old boy who loves to play. He enjoys making up jokes and he shares them with anyone he comes in contact with. His favorite subject in school is gym class because he gets to play and do races. He likes running and jumping. His next best subject is Art because he likes to draw. One day he would like to be a painter in Paris! He wants to paint the Eiffel tower! But what he would really like is to have his very own family. What a blessing he would be. For more information please contact [email protected] or 405-650-8947. Photo courtesy of Don Kreutzweiser

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