Forever Family Friday week 34 – Neveah

Happy Father’s Day weekend everyone. As we gear up to honor those that have played such important roles in the lives of so many…I’d like to say thank you. The Bible speaks of God as a defender of the defenseless and a father to the fatherless. Thank you to those that put the heart of God on display everyday as you stand up for those that are without and fatherless and unloved. Thank you for showing so many a picture of what real love looks like. I then have to stop and ask myself how many kids in foster care never experience that love. I’m guessing that most of them would give anything for a forever father to celebrate with this weekend? 420,000 plus children. That’s a big number of kids that are not out today searching for or making the perfect gift for dad right now. They won’t be grilling with their dad or playing catch. It will just be another day instead a day of reflection and adoration. It is my hope they do have a special man in their life that they can be grateful for: a foster dad, a teacher, a coach. Someone that has impacted and influenced their life. And listen…Thank you to all of you guys that have been a loving example of our Heavenly Father. If you know someone that you think would be a wonderful foster father please share this information about our #ForeverFamilyFriday post with them. You never know what someone is thinking until you ask! Here’s the perfect reason to ask the question and her name is Neveah.

Neveah is 12 years old and she is from Idaho. She is spunky, fun, helpful and caring and is always open to learning and trying new things. She has a silly, goofy personality and is so much fun to spend time with! She loves swings, playing in the leaves, riding her bike and going on picnics. Neveah is looking forward to playing soccer, basketball and volleyball someday. When indoors, she can be found doing crafts, reading, watching Frozen or playing a game of Monopoly or checkers. If she could visit anyplace on Earth, she would choose Hawaii to explore the beach and swim with the dolphins. Neveah really enjoys going to church.

In her own beautiful words, Neveah shared with us what she hopes to find in her Forever Family, “A loving family with both a mom and a dad, with or without siblings is ok. I hope they have a yard, and a farm would be even better! I want parents who are nice and who will help me do my homework and learn to cook. I would like to ride bikes or horses together, go camping and fishing and go swinging together at the park. Oh…and I’d love to have a bunkbed.” We are confident that there is a family meant for Neveah out there who can meet every single one of her wishes. If you think that you are the right family for this sweet and resilient girl, please contact Melissa asap at [email protected] Continue to be on board with us and help Neveah to have a parent to celebrate!