Aries is 10 years old and lives in Florida. Not only does he have the biggest, sweetest smile that will instantly draw you in, he also has the cutest personality and great manners to boot! Like most boys his age, Aries loves to play outside, ride his bike, dreams of going to Disney World, and hopes to wake up with the super power of being able to fly. His favorite subject in school is algebra and he is pretty proud of earning Student of the Week at his school.

Aries has been through quite a bit in his short life. He needs a home filled with ongoing encouragement and positivity and individualized attention. He needs a patient family who is willing to work with him through any difficulties he faces. Aries yearns for the support of a strong male role model and would love a family who is extremely involved and loves to do fun things together. Can you be that family for Aries? Can you help him take his charming smiling self and love him into the next season of his life? For more info please contact The Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-314-2021. Alicia Johnson Photography.