Forever Family Friday week 9 – Gerold’Nesha

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are enjoying some memorable warm fuzzy moments with your family and friends as you read this. I want to thank you for your heart for wanting to learn more about adoption and foster care and journeying along with Forever Family Friday. Thank you for sharing and posting and talking about all these children in need of their forever family. It is a gift to me that is invaluable. This year has been hard. Harder than many of you can imagine. So so many of these kids did NOT wake up to a warm fuzzy Christmas morning today. There will be very little merry in their day. My guess would be that many children in foster care are questioning their worth and value today. They feel unwanted. They are not celebrating and there is little to no joy. Please meet this sweet smiling girl from Louisiana. Gerold’Nesha is her name and she is 14 years old! She is a happy child with an easygoing personality. I love her cute top “Meowy and Bright!” She is polite, respectful, and caring with adults and peers. She enjoys going to church, praise dancing, and spending time with her friends. Gerold’Nesha loves watching cheerleaders and it is her desire to try out for the squad. @collinstuohysmith …you can help with this! She enjoys playing video games on her tablet and riding her bike or scooter. On her Christmas list is a loving and caring family who is willing to help her full potential. It makes me sad that is on any child’s list. A loving and caring family should be a given, not a wish. Please help connect Gerold’Nesha with her forever family! For more information please contact Patti Hebert at (337) 366-2001 or [email protected].