Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!!! My heart is bursting with gratitude for each and everyone of you. You came through in a huge way for our Forever Family Friday Christmas Wish Lists!! I mean like a boss! There will be many, many smiles on Christmas morning because of YOU! We fulfilled wish lists for so so many deserving kids and organizations and agencies that are making a difference each and every day. Listen to me…Onward and upward while the momentum is on our side let’s continue posting, praying for and talking about these kids. We will continue sharing these children each week that are in need of a Forever Family as long as we have you guys working along with us. Many of you have said you value these posts. That you look forward to praying for these kids. We will continue to press on and continue to share them as long as you continue to go shoulder to shoulder with us because it takes us all! 

Please meet 12 year old Andrae. He lives in Alabama and is outgoing, energetic, and enjoys playing outside. Andrae especially loves dogs and often takes the role of caring for them. Andrea describes himself as smart, intelligent, thoughtful. He enjoys school and learning and is very competitive. He wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. Andrae will benefit from a structured, patient family who will provide him with unconditional love. He desires a forever home and loves the possibility of being a part of a permanent family in addition to being in contact with his siblings. We should all have the opportunity to be a part of a permanent family. Can you help? For more information please contact [email protected]