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Forever Family Friday – Evan

I know everyone has a lot on their plates right now and I hate to keep piling on these request because good grief things in this world are crazy enough. I hate to even turn the TV on because it’s all so heartbreaking. But I need a tiny favor from you. I need you to just share this post with one person. That’s it…Look…I’m not asking you to cook a meal or pay a visit to anyone or make a donation or even make a call. I just need you to help me advocate for these kids. We need them to be seen. We need them to know they are deserving and worthy and valuable. The more we share the post.. the more people will see it and the better the opportunity for someone to look at one of the pictures and feel a tug at their heart. I pray someone looks at Evan’s picture this week and gets that feeling of wanting to support…to protect and to make Evan a part of their family.

Evan is 14 years old and lives in Arizona. He is adventurous and curious and does not shy away from learning new things! He enjoys being active and playing basketball, and loves to learn. Evan enjoys going to the park, playing sports and paintball. Evan’s adventurous side makes him fearless and curious about trying foods from all different cultures. His favorites are sushi, barbecue and Mexican foods. He would like to visit Mongolian Grill for a special occasion. He has a particular interest in Drama class. Evan would benefit from a family that provides unconditional love and boundaries. Every child deserves unconditional love. Can you provide that for Evan? Please share Evan with someone you know! He needs all of us to advocate for him!

For questions and additional information on Evan please contact Heather at [email protected].

Forever Family Friday – Jacob

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday everyone. Look at this kid. OMG…That smile melts my heart. You know…There are two things that many of you continually ask me and that is questions about “the process” and “the cost“ of adoption from foster care. I’m so happy that these kids don’t see the questions that I am asked. And the questions are not asked out of anything but a need for knowledge but these kids don’t need anymore uncertainty or insecurity. They need to be reminded they are so worth “the process” of adoption. And yes…it is a process BUT all these kids are worth the process. And as far as the cost… every single kid we post on Friday is far more valuable than any cost that would be associated with adopting them. We can not give up on these kids in foster care. Most of the kids have had enough disappointments, failures and setbacks to last them a life time. We have to remind them that they matter. We need to encourage and uplift them. We need to ensure that they understand that they are worth the process!  Please meet Jacob! He’s the one with the beautiful smile. He’s valuable and amazing and because of no fault of his is in foster care.

Jacob is 16 and lives in Alabama. He is a very creative young man who loves to draw. He also enjoys video games and robotics. Jacob has been on a robotics team and often comes up with ideas for inventions! An ideal family he said would be one that loves each other and helps each other out. When asked about his greatest accomplishment he said graduating high school in 2 years! Can you be the family that can help him reach his goal and cross that finish line? If not please share this post with your friends and family. For more info please contact [email protected] at the Alabama Heart Gallery! Thank You ❤️

Forever Family Friday – Nevaya

You are loved beyond measure. Love you to the moon and back. Love you more than words. Love you forever and always. Love you to infinity and beyond. Love you the goodest in the whole wide world. I could go on and on. As a parent we each have our own term of endearment that we say to our children and family members each day. I certainly did. To me February is about love and friendship and giving and caring and being the reason someone smiles. It’s about loving one another as God loved us. I so much want that love for these kids that we post each week. We were honored to get to have several of the kids we have posted with us this past week at Disney and oh my … the question I asked myself so many times is why??? Why them??? These kids were awesome and amazing and just wanted to be loved. Is that too much to ask. I feel like I am preaching to the choir. But there was so much affirmation that the time we put into this is time well spent. I am so very thankful for every person that is reading this right now. We need you. These kids need all of us. Please Keep sharing these kids with your friends and ask them to share them with their friends. Share Nevaya! She needs a Forever Family! She needs to be loved and cherished.

Nevaya is a special soul – creative, artistic, strong willed and a sweet individual who is 16 and from Florida. She longs for connection and would blossom with a trusted parent. She loves creating art, working on her iPad and playing board games. Nevaya appreciates simple moments of togetherness, going for ice cream. She dreams of seeing snow! She loves all types of music. Can you help? ❤️Please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-314-2021 or DM us! Thank You! Click here for more info!

Forever Family Friday – De’Juan

Last week I posted Maribel. Man…you all got to chatting! This type of engagement is so needed. Lots of conversations and questions and input. This is wonderful! Yes we desperately want forever families for these kids BUT we value the dialogue, thoughts and suggestions! Please keep the conversations going on and off social media. Talk about these kids in your family discussions, in your groups, at the office, anywhere…just keep talking!!! This is a flawed system and anything we can do to help improve it is awesome! A few things I would like to remind you:

1. It costs nothing to adopt from foster care. Finances continue to be a topic and I can assure you the $30,000+ price tag adopting from foster care is just not true! If you find otherwise please DM me!

2. There is not an official age limit for foster parents or adoptive parents. People in their 70s have adopted children! If you have an open heart and can open your home… you are a candidate!

3. There are great organizations that help but we need more. If you have a heart for children and can’t adopt…considering becoming a CASA volunteer or plug into an organization that is making a difference. That is a great official first step to take.

4. Our foundation resources page has some great starting points.

Here’s someone who needs us! Please meet De’Juan from Arizona! He is an active and sociable 14 year old. In his free time, he likes to play sports, video games, and card games. He especially enjoys playing basketball and football. De’Juan loves sub sandwiches and one of his favorite restaurants is Subway. I need to work on that. De’Juan likes listening to music and likes to rap. When it comes to his personality, De’Juan can be entertaining, outgoing, and funny. De’Juan is a smart kid who enjoys learning new things. He says his favorite subject at school is recess because he gets to play football with his friends. De’Juan would thrive in a family that is loving and could help reinforce positive family dynamics in his life. Ideally, De’Juan’s forever family would be one that could provide him a safe, stable, structured environment with clear expectations. De’Juan wants potential adoptive families to know that he is an animal lover and cares for others. Wow! Sounds like a pretty amazing kid. For more information please contact Heather@[email protected]

Forever Family Friday – Maribel

Here’s a NOT so fun fact about “our” foster care system that many of you know but some don’t. And I say our system because it’s not “their” or “my” or “your” foster care system. The problem belongs to “ALL” of us whether we believe it or not. At age 18 the kids in the foster care system just “age out.” The end of their journey in the foster care system. Do we have organizations in place that try to help kids in this situation? Yes! Organization like @ComfortCases are doing a tremendous job. Is it enough? No! Have a few places made arrangements to try to assist kids until they’re 21? A few, but not near enough. 20% of the children who were in the foster care system at some point instantly are homeless. That means one in five kids who are currently “in the system” will be on their own with no family at age 18. One in five! Boom – on their own overnight! Happy 18th Birthday, here are your things in a black garbage bag, best wishes and don’t call us, we’ll call you. Our family has dealt with this situation so many times it would make your head spin and never gets any easier. We think they have the ability to figure it all out and make major life decisions: find a place to live, have food for 3 meals a day, get a job, transportation, open a bank account (which you need an address to do) etc. We’re kidding each other if we think that’s going to happen. My heart aches for kids without a mom or dad, but especially this age group. I think that’s why I’ve been so passionate about older kids in foster care. I know when they are offered hope and opportunity it can change their life. Please allow me to introduce Maribel. She has 4 more years and she then will be included in the statistics and situations that we have just discussed. Her urgency is real!

Maribel is 14 and lives in Florida. She is a little more reserved when you first meet her. She can be shy, but once she opens up, she is one of the sweetest, most caring children you will ever meet. She is smart, does well in school and is described by her friends as funny and nice. Maribel is someone who will always bring a smile to your face and is easy to be around. She wants to be part of a family setting and is very anxious to find her Forever Family. She is strong, resilient and doesn’t let her past define her or hold her back from accomplishing her goals. She has a lot of love to give and wants to share that with parents. And future pets! Let’s help find this young lady a home and ensure that she does not become a statistic.❤For more information please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-314-2021

Forever Family Friday – Jabari

This was an exciting week for Team Tuohy… we learned that one of the children we featured has been matched with her forever family! It’s just positive affirmation that together we can continue to make a difference. It’s multiple exclamation points at the end of the sentence. We are so thrilled and so excited for her!!! I felt three was a good number! And I can imagine in her mind she is now breathing a small sigh of relief that some of her anxiety and uncertainty will be coming to an end. So while we say a prayer of gratitude and take a moment to celebrate, today is Friday and we have to focus on yet another beautiful face wishing for a mom and dad….wishing for a forever family. I know, it’s a roller coaster of emotions. We find a family for one child and oh crap …she’s posting another child. But you guys are so important to this process, to this work we are doing. PLEASE continue. One step forward and two steps back. Hang with me. Please do not give up! And here’s one reason not to quit on me now!

Please meet Jabari. He is 13 and lives in Alabama. Jabari is loving, kind and always has a huge smile on his face. He enjoys playing outside sports and video games. Science is his favorite subject and he enjoys school overall. Pizza and chicken wings are his favorite foods, although he will eat just about everything! His wish for a forever family is one that is nice and helpful. That is NOT a tall list! If you can be that special family for Jabari, or know someone who can, please reach out to Robin at [email protected]

Forever Family Friday – Tasia


“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’” As we approach this upcoming remembrance day for Dr. King so many things go through my head. But one in particular stands out and that is, what are we doing for others? What are you doing for others? Am I doing enough for others? Volunteering, serving, giving, tutoring, mentoring, encouraging, uplifting…are you doing these things? Are we doing these things for the hundreds of thousands of children that do not have a forever family? I’m going to keep on banging the drum for the kids with no one to champion for them. This Monday is so much more than a day off from work. It is a day to SERVE! I ask you – to serve the foster and adoptive families you may know. If your time is limited, go online and make a donation. And even better, contact the agencies we have listed and inquire about the children we are posting. Ask what you can do for them to help. Our world is a better place when we serve others. There is no better time than right now to jump in and be a difference maker and that can start with you sharing Tasia!

Tasia is 15 years old and lives in South Carolina. She describes herself as having great potential, a great personality and smart. LOVE THAT! She is interested in becoming a doctor when she grows up. In the meantime she is perfecting her math skills (her favorite subject) and her basketball skills as she is a member of her school’s basketball team! Some of her favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, pumpkin pie, red rice and chicken. Tasia seeks family members who are pet friendly, enjoy spending time outdoors and who like traveling. For more information on Tasia please contact Shannon at (843) 519-0097 or [email protected]. Photo by Jeni Zapor