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Forever Family Friday – Elijah, Maurissa, Omar, Jayson and Andrew

One of the most important things in the world to me is family. Having a large, loving, caring, close knit family… that’s what it’s all about. It’s like you have your own set of friends and allies. It’s just a great feeling to know that there’s always somebody there for you. Personally I think we are all part of the human family. We should all be there for each other. Allow me to introduce you to five siblings that are part of our human family. They need us to advocate and champion for them. They need to know somebody is there for them. They are from Florida and range from 8-16 years old! I personally have just one brother, but my cousins, extended family and friends like family certainly make up for just one sibling. I love large gatherings and time spent with them. I want that for these kids. Warm fuzzy moments with their forever family. Can you help us find that family? Please let me introduce you to this beautiful sibling group from Florida!

Elijah is the oldest at 16. He loves to watch TV, draw, play with puppets and is fascinated with ventriloquists. His perfect day would be spent at Disney World meeting his favorite character, Mickey Mouse. Maurissa, the only sister, is 14 and says she is still deciding on a future career path but is considering being a lawyer, a fashion designer or a hairstylist. For fun, she enjoys cheering and running. She would like her adoptive family to know “I laugh a lot.” Omar, 11, is the caretaker of the group. He always makes sure his siblings are well taken care of which is especially sweet not being the oldest. He likes to play football, swim & play video games. He would like his adoptive family to know he’s a “good kid.” Jayson is 10 and is all about football! One day he would like to play professionally. He also enjoys basketball, playing video games and likes dogs. Andrew is 8, loves swimming, riding his bike and listening to music. Andrew’s favorite animal is a hippo. He hopes his adoptive family has a hippo….and a sense of humor.

This dynamic sibling group hopes to find a FUN family who will value their sibling bond while encouraging their individuality. For more info please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-314-2021. THANK YOU ❤️ Photo: Marissa Moss Photography

Forever Family Friday – Ciana and Brianna

Happy July 1st everyone. I just can not believe that we are celebrating @sjtuohys birthday and Independence Day this weekend. Where has the time gone? I’m praying that your enthusiasm is not dwindling because these kids need more than social media posts and institutions and words and charity. They need us! To invest time in them. To help them understand and overcome and provide and protect them. To help them move forward. Doesn’t The Declaration of Independence say something about the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness as inalienable rights? This is America. These kids deserve the love of a family and happiness. To me it seems like that is their right. So I pray that this weekend while you are enjoying time together with friends and family and being with those you love you think about these kids who aren’t afforded those same luxuries that you are experiencing – because of no fault of their own. Let me introduce you to two amazing young ladies that need our help. Please meet Ciana and Brianna. They deserve happiness. They deserve a forever family.

These sisters are from Alabama. Brianna is 17 and is very shy but family oriented. She enjoys watching movies, playing games on her laptop, talking with friends, doing her nails, and attending church. Brianna is interested in playing on the high school basketball team. When she finishes high school, she would like to open her own nail salon. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because she can be with her siblings and eat! Whoo hoo! Mine too! Her favorite restaurant is McDonalds.

Ciana is 16 and is shy, but very friendly and sweet. She has a contagious smile. Ciana enjoys basketball, football & dancing. Some of her favorite things include spending time outside, eating hot wings, listening to music, and watching shows on the Disney Channel. Her favorite holiday is Christmas! Love this.

Please join me in sharing these sisters with our community. Please help to find their forever family!! For more information contact [email protected]. Or message us! Thank you for continuing to journey with us!

Forever Family Friday – Joshua

Happy Forever Family Friday everyone. We have officially kicked off summer and we are getting ready to celebrate Father’s Day this weekend and will then roll right into celebrating Independence Day. Wow…Time just keeps rolling by. I feel like I just put up a Forever Family Friday post and poof it’s suddenly time to start working on another one. I lovingly talk to you guys each week about a different kid in the foster care system. Every one of them has a different story as to why they are in foster care. It could be from neglect or abuse or abandonment or overwhelming problems or finances or mental illness or lack of employment or drug and alcohol addiction or numerous other things…The reason matters not…what really matters is that almost all parents love their children and want the absolutely best for them but heartbreakingly many times problems such as the ones mentioned above interfere, disrupt and change the paths of their lives. That’s where we come in. We have the ability to positively intervene in the lives of these foster kids. You have the ability to positively intervene and make a difference in the lives of these kids. They all long and desire to happily live in a loving home with parents and a family. Here’s a young man that is valuable and amazing and desires just that…a family. We need to do all we can to ensure that he has that family. Please allow me to introduce you to Joshua.

Joshua is 13 years old and lives in Arizona! He who loves to listen to rap artists like Eminem and play games on his tablet. Joshua is also starting to get involved with basketball and football and would love to play on his team at school someday.

Joshua’s perfect weekend would include going to out for pizza and maybe going to Disneyland or New York City to see the Statue of Liberty. He would also love to spend time on the beach or get a nice veggie burrito at Chipotle. To top off his perfect weekend, he would have a big bag of Takis or Hot Cheetos because he loves spicy snacks. Joshua’s ideal family would provide him with a lot of structure and one-on-one attention. He hopes his adoptive family will be willing to play football with him and keep him in contact with his brothers and current foster mother in Arizona.

For more information please contact Heather at [email protected]

Forever Family Friday – Kelvin

Approximately 24,000 American teenagers in foster care turn 18 years old each year. What a staggering number! Then…at this ripe old age of 18… they are expected to move out and start their lives on their own. Some are still in high school at this point. Some have just graduated and they are expected to find jobs, figure out college, find a place to live, figure out how to eat, get transportation everywhere and on and on and on. Without the love and support of a forever family many of these kids that are aging out find themselves struggling just to survive much less figure out college or jobs. These kids are not failures. They are not damaged goods.  They are in this situation because of no fault of their own. They are not just taking up space! They are valuable and amazing and deserve to be loved and cherished and made to feel amazing. Here is one valuable human that’s close to aging out and needs our help. Just give me 5 minutes of your time! Read about Kelvin. Please share Kelvin with someone. He needs us. He is one of the alarming numbers that could age out of foster care. It’s a heartbreaking thought.

Kelvin is sixteen years old and lives in South Carolina. He describes himself as cool and fun. He enjoys playing video games but also likes participating in outdoor activities. Kelvin’s favorite subject is math and although he likes working with numbers, he’s unsure if he wants a career in that subject area. He plans on attending college! Kelvin also enjoys drawing, reading and eating spaghetti and meatballs. He hopes to find a nurturing home. And a family ideally with pets! Let’s help him find a family that can love him and encourage him in his next chapter of life! Can you help us find Kelvin a forever family?

For more info please contact Carly at [email protected] or click here. Photo by Kennedy Exekiel.

Forever Family Friday – Brandon

As you know, May is National Foster Care Awareness Month. We want to continue to spread the message that there are 420,000 plus children in need of their forever family. Yes we need more families. Yes we need more people to step up. Yes we need more open hearts and more homes. BUT this week I want to thank all the foster families that are standing in the gap….filling in the space between the time a child is in custody and when they get their forever family. Please know that you are greatly appreciated! There are so many unsung heroes…How about the single 31 year old teacher who fosters not only one child, but has additional children stay with her on the weekends as needed. Or the mom and dad with 3 biological children who love sharing their family unit with foster kids…their door is continuously revolving. There are thousands of stories. I heard some amazing stories last night in Richmond. We are cheering you on! Foster parents come in many forms and we are thankful for you! Now let me introduce you to a young man that will melt your heart.

Please meet Brandon. He is 13, lives in Alabama, and describes himself as funny and cool. He loves sports – football and basketball specifically, playing games and watching TV. If Brandon could travel he would love to see the world….and go to waterparks! We need to get Brandon to Orlando. Reading is Brandon’s favorite subject in school. He enjoys being social and talking with others. Brandon will do well in a family that is patient, active, fun and loving. Can you be Brandon’s forever family? Do you know anyone that could? Your help is greatly appreciated.

For more information please contact [email protected]  M. Fehr Photography

Forever Family Friday – Joshua and Donielle

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend everyone! A mother’s love is like nothing else in the world. And isn’t it interesting that Mother’s Day is during National Foster Care Month because we clearly know not every child in this world, to no fault of their own, has a mother. Most kids in foster care have no one that will provide a safe, stable healthy environment to grow up in! These kids are looking and longing for that special woman to celebrate and protect them. The one who will invest, love and look out for them day in and day out. My heart truly aches for every child who longs for a mother. So I want to take a minute to thank every mother…whether biological, step, adoptive, foster or whatever title you have for providing kids with that safety, stability, courage, strength, love, kindness and that healthy environment that they so desperately need. Please meet this amazing sibling group Joshua and Donielle. How wonderful it would be if they had their own forever mom to celebrate next year! We need your help to spread the word about them!

Joshua, 16, and Donielle, 14, live in Florida. You won’t find a kinder or friendlier set of siblings! Talkative and outgoing, Joshua will try to make you laugh as he loves using humor in all situations. Donielle will keep you enthralled with her vibrant imagination and creativity. Despite many hardships, these siblings have kept an open attitude towards the world which is truly inspiring. Both show affection and compassion easily. Now they deserve compassion and affection for themselves.

They both love science. Donielle really wants to work with animals someday. Joshua is interested in working in a restaurant and also hopes to learn construction skills.  He’d really love to learn virtual skills in programming to build video games. These children seek a loving, compassionate family with the willingness to learn how to best support trauma. They are repeatedly praised for their sweet disposition and smiles. They deserve a world of smiles! Please help us bring a smile to their faces. And Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️ For more info: Heart Gallery of Tampa 813-314-2021. Jessica Fredericks Photography

Forever Family Friday – Katedra

“Aging Out”…those two words truly break my heart. Those two words basically mean that sooner than later a kid in foster care will be on their own. They will suddenly be with no family to love, support and help guide them. They will have none of the safety nets that most kids their age enjoy and take for granted. There will be no parents to help them financially. There will be no grandparents that slide them extra money for gas or date night. There are no this and no that and they face obstacles and uncertainties that we can’t even imagine. This is why I am so passionate about these older kids that are inching closer and closer to aging out. They deserve hope, love and opportunity. They deserve a family. Please meet Katedra. She deserves a family. She deserves a chance.

Katedra is 15 and lives in South Carolina. She is dynamic and has a zest for life. “I am brilliant, amazing and talented!” When asked what she considers the most amazing thing about her personality Katedra says “I never give up.” She enjoys swimming, painting, riding bikes and traveling. Vegetables and mac and cheese are her favorite foods. Katedra hopes to have a career in law enforcement and become a police officer. This is wonderful! We need more passionate officers! She is seeking a family that will love and accept her. That is not a tall order. Can that be you? Do you know someone who can? Please help us find Katedra her forever family. For more information please contact Tori Hackett at [email protected]

Mike Baker Photography

Forever Family Friday – Analea

The journey of many kids in foster care is hard for most of us to really imagine. I know we think we can but the reality is that we have no idea. The trauma, neglect, abuse, poverty and lack of so so many things is a tragedy! If nothing else I pray that each week when you read about these amazing kids that you will develop a sense of love and compassion for those that have not experienced the same security and privileges that you may have. These kids have experienced heartbreak and hardships to no fault of their own. It’s up to us to make the effort to help them find their forever family. We have the opportunity to be the reason these kids smile again. What a beautiful thing to be a part of. Please meet Analea. We have a chance to help her find a family that will provide her with love and a home.

Analea is kind and creative and has a big heart and big dreams! She would love a family that can provide stability and unconditional love in good times and bad. She is an avid reader and wants to author books in her future. Hmmm…Maybe I could ask her to help me write my next book?! Analea creates original jewelry, necklaces and earrings, that she has sold online! Intelligent and diligent, Analea has worked hard to catch up in school, setting goals for herself and meeting them.  Her favorite subjects are English, History and Reading. Analea shows wisdom beyond her years. She has kept a positive outlook on life with her bright, clear perspective; Analea believes everything happens for a reason, and she takes pride in her emotional growth and resilience!

Analea’s friends would describe her as “determined, smart and quiet” but once she opens up, she loves to talk about everything. Analea enjoys all types of music and watching movies. She would also love to travel to China someday because “there’s so much to see there and the culture is cool.” She states that she hopes to “be the best me that I can be.” Can YOU be that family for Analea? Do you know someone who can? Please pray for and share Analea’s information with your friends and family. Please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-314-2021. Or DM us!

Forever Family Friday – Tyquan

Happy Friday everyone! And happy April 1st! You know…I sat down with every intent to write my #ForeverFamilyFriday post about April Fool’s but as I started typing the words and looking down at them…I suddenly realized there was no humor to be found in desiring a forever family. It’s no joking matter when it comes to wanting a home and security and happiness. Kids in foster care don’t need pranks and hoaxes…they need stability and love. To no fault of their own they are in undesirable situations. They don’t deserve to be on the receiving end of bad April Fool’s joke, because it is not a joke. It is their reality. We need you to help us because we can not sit back and wait and hope that a family will find these kids. We have to get up and search and move mountains if we have to and find the families. Remember there are no unwanted kids just unfounded families. Tyquan needs us to move mountains! Can you join us in trying?

Tyquan is 15 years old and is from Georgia. He is a sweet, neat, and sometimes a shy teen who loves the outdoors and spending time with family and friends. He enjoys playing video games, football, and dodgeball. He also enjoys playing on a tablet, listening to pop music (Ariana Grande is a favorite artist), and movies. At school, where he earns good grades, he is well-behaved, and gets along well with the other kids, Tyquan’s favorite subject is science. When asked what his perfect day is he said “doing this interview and looking for someone to adopt me.” This breaks my heart. His favorite foods are hot wings, fries and tacos. Tyquan said he wants a family “to love me the way I am, and who will let me go to school and help me graduate.”

Tyquan needs a loving adoptive family who will give him the attention, support, encouragement, structure, and nurturing environment he needs to continue to thrive and reach his goals. He has two sisters who have been planned for separately and he would like to maintain relationship with them. For more information please contact Rebecca at [email protected]. For Tyquan’s video please click here


Forever Family Friday – McKaya

Provide care and love…Create a stable environment…Build up their self confidence…Spend quality time with them…Share morals, values and have conversations about making good choices…Help them make tough decisions…Help with money management…Coach them up…Empower them to be all that they can be…Teach them to be kind, loving, inspiring and giving to others. Are you asking yourself what in the world is this crazy lady talking about?!?! Well…I was just sitting here watching March Madness basketball games and thinking about my post today and thinking about last night with my own kids…we were calling each other, texting each other and talking about our brackets and the upsets that happened in all the games and then I just started thinking wow just that little moment of fun family interaction is not experienced by most kids in foster care. I then started processing a list in my mind of what providing and parenting is all about to me and how foster kids miss out on so much of that. And to me that is what shapes and molds us as individuals. And that this beautiful young lady that I’m posting today probably has not experienced much of it either. It’s heartbreaking to me. McKaya, to no fault of her own, needs to experience EVERYTHING I listed above and more. Please let me tell you about her!

She is 16 years old and lives in Alabama. She is very inquisitive and fun loving. McKaya’s perfect day would be a fun pool party with swimming and lots of smiles and laughter. After graduation she would like to be a hairstylist. When asked what a family means to her she said someone who “cares, listens, holds hands even when going through something.” With a family she would love to do activities like shopping, getting her nails done and maybe even vacay in Florida. I love all of that. If she had a new room she would decorate it with Hello Kitty. I do love me some Hello Kitty. I think I have found a new friend.

McKaya will thrive in a stable, structured family that will provide her with unconditional love. Can you help? For more information please contact Daliscia at [email protected]  Photographed by Stephanie Fisher Photography.