Forever Family Friday – Alex

This week I was reminded in a very real and startling way how fragile and fleeting life is. A family friend was involved in an accident and in an instant the worlds of many were changed forever. Not one single solitary person in this world knows what tomorrow will bring. We don’t know what next week, or next month or next year will bring. We have only right now. The present. So if that’s what we know for sure, and believe in our heart, why would we not want to make a difference the best we can? We are not put on this earth to be only consumers. We need to focus on not being self centered and selfish. We need to concentrate on being givers. We should strive to be difference makers. I’ve said this before but we have the ability to change the trajectory of someone’s life. My friend that tragically passed away this week said about life, “I don’t want to just start life fast…I want to finish strong.” Finishing strong is doing all we can to help these kids find #ForeverFamilies! Here is a young man whose clock is ticking on him aging out of the system. We need to do all that we can to help him. Please join me in praying for and searching for a forever family for Alex.

Alex is 17 years old and lives in Arizona. He is funny, sarcastic and entertaining. He enjoys basketball, especially the Golden State Warriors. He is caring towards others and has a genuine spirit. He is excited about his future and hopefully will attend a trade school upon graduation. The ideal family for Alex would be one who is structured, kind and disciplined. He needs the love and support of a nurturing family that will support his needs and help him on his way toward becoming a successful young adult.

For more information, reach out to Heather Pava at [email protected]