Forever Family Friday – Alysa and Issak

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? We are 7 days into 2022 so hopefully it’s ok. We all know that with a new year comes fresh starts, clean slates, new beginnings and cheers to hope, health, happiness and answered prayers! I know many of you made resolutions and I hope you keep each of them. BUT, if you want to make a resolution that is gratifying and a difference maker in the life of a child consider being a foster parent or adopting a child out of foster care or helping someone with an adoption. My resolution is to work harder in 2022 to find forever families for the kids we post each week. To be able to see these kids have a lifetime of birthdays and celebrations. Of security, support, carpools, slumber parties, school events and good night hugs. Please continue to journey with us and hopefully we can make that happen, one child at a time, one Forever Family Friday at a time. Please help us to show people that these kids are in foster care through no fault of their own. They are not damaged goods or delinquents. They are kids that just want a family. They just want to be loved. My prayer is that selfless people who desire to make a difference in this world will take a leap of faith and join us in encouraging others to help us find these forever families. Here are two amazing, deserving and valuable kids that need us.

Please meet Alysa (12) and Isaak (10) from SC! Alysa is an active girl who enjoys being outdoors planting flowers and vegetable gardens. She likes to volunteer in her community and keeping things tidy. We certainly need more of that! She wants a family that will help her continue volunteering but also a family that is flexible, are good listeners and are willing to help her navigate life! Issak is extremely thoughtful, creative and is easy to fall in love with. He is helpful and loves completing tasks and puzzles. Issak enjoys being outside hiking, swimming, exploring. Issak hopes to travel the world some day!

Can you be part of the solution in 2022 for Alysa and Issak? Can you connect them with their forever family? It takes all of us to share, post, comment, like, but mostly pray. Thank you!! Click HERE to see Alysa and Issak’s video. For more info go to or DM us!