Forever Family Friday – Andrew

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday everyone. Did you know there is a great need for foster parents in our country? The needs are truly at epidemic level to help kids in foster care find loving and stable homes. And listen, I know as well as anyone reading this that parenting in general is hard and foster parenting is no different! It has its own set of unique challenges. BUT – it also has its own set of rewards and benefits. Foster parenting allows us to help another human…to love and support them…to come along side them and help them get over the hurdles and to help them heal. To offer another what we have been given. I say it all the time it’s not for everyone, but for those who step into this receive some of life’s sweetest rewards. These kids deserve someone who will never give up on them. Can you be that someone? Please allow me to introduce you to someone so worth receiving all that we have to offer.


Meet Anthony! He is 17 and lives in Florida. Anthony is intelligent, curious and perceptive – he’s a go with the flow type of person. Incredibly resourceful and resilient, Anthony is goal oriented and focused. Anthony loves animals and hopes to study veterinary medicine in his future, but with his ROTC background he is also interested in the military. With his easy going tolerance and humor, Anthony has many friends and makes new ones quickly.

In school his favorite subjects are weight training and art. His caretakers believe Anthony can accomplish “Anything he sets his mind to with the right people in his corner.” Anthony is wise beyond his years – yet is still a boy ready for his forever family. Anthony says “I want a family who will make me feel wanted.” That’s heartbreaking. Any help you can give in helping us find Anthony a forever family would be appreciated!

For more information please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa 813-390-5345. Thank you! Photo by Arianna Bennett