Forever Family Friday – Corin and Chyna

Happy March y’all! I do love when March rolls around because it means spring is cranking up. I always get a sense of new beginnings and hope. I get so excited when those first daffodils pop up in the ground and the trees start budding. I get a feeling of encouragement and strength like if they can overcome winter…so can I. It’s like the new and the fresh make me aspire to be the best I can be. Here’s two great kids that need us to offer them all of this and more. They need to be encouraged and loved. They need to be nurtured and cared for. Please allow me to introduce you to Corin and Chyna who are definitely worth every ounce of love and all the encouragement we have in us! 


Corin is 12 years old and Chyna is 10 years old and they live in Tennessee. They love being together and make each other laugh more than anything! Corin is an intelligent young man who loves to play and watch sports, especially football. He also loves being outdoors, playing with animals, video games and drawing. Corin loves cheeseburgers and desserts.


Chyna is a very energetic young lady who loves girly things of all sorts! Me too! She loves dressing up, putting on lip gloss and going on outings. Chyna also likes to play sports, especially soccer. She loves to dance and read…and dogs! She also likes to spend time with her brother. This sweet sibling set says “Belonging means you don’t have to be related to be family.”  “Family means love.” They deserve love. Can you help us find their forever family? Can you like this post? Can you talk about them to your friends and family? Your help could be a game changer. For more information please contact or DM us!


Click the link to hear the kind words they have to say about each other.