Forever Family Friday – Tray

The journey of being a foster parent or the forever family of a child coming from the system is a mixed bag of emotions and experiences. It ranges from beautiful and sweet to heartbreaking and hard. But guess what…God heals those that have been hurt and transforms lives and hearts every second of everyday! He changed lives that you would have thought could never have been transformed. What we need are people to step up and open their homes and their hearts to these kids. I am hoping that more and more awareness comes from our Forever Family Friday posts and that awareness will lead folks to action. Action that will help us transform lives and bring awareness to these amazing kids longing for a family.

Please allow me to introduce you to Tray (short for D’Atrayhemia). Let’s help him find his forever family. He is 13 years old and lives in Alabama. His personality is loving and kind and his favorite colors are red and black. He enjoys playing video games, basketball, and drawing. In school, he enjoys both reading and math yet social studies is his favorite. He loves to go is church, where he can sing his favorite songs. Me too! Mexican is his favorite food. Mine too! Three words Tray uses to describe himself are funny, friendly and nice. I love that!

Can you be the forever family for Tray? Do you know someone who could? For more information please contact [email protected]

Thank You ❤️