Forever Family Friday – Christina

In October of 2020 on my #ForeverFamilyFriday post we shared a darling unicorn-headband-wearing young lady named Christina. There was lots of chatter and conversation about her. There were families that expressed interest and asked lots of questions about her. But guess what? SHE IS STILL IN NEED of her #ForeverFamily! Nothing panned out. It’s heartbreaking to have a flutter of activity and get your hopes up and then have nothing happen. It just seems so unfair. Christina is now 13 and needs a family more than ever. She likes to sketch, dance, do flips, and play sports – especially flag football, basketball and baseball. Christina likes superheroes and her favorites are Black Panther and Wonder Women…because they fight crime! She has a heart for homeless people and tells a sweet story of giving someone one of her dollars. When faced with adversity she is still thinking of others. While she is in need she is still giving of what she has. How beautiful is that?!?

It breaks my heart that many of the kids we have shared are still in need of their forever family. Praise the Lord many have been matched and many are living with their new family. However many have not. Each year these kids are missing out on another birthday, Christmas, school year and milestone. They need us. Please join our call to action! Please share Christina! Please help us find someone who will open their home to her. Please help us to help her feel wanted and loved. For more information please contact Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-390-5345 or DM us. Thank you!❤️