Forever Family Friday – week 4 – Christopher

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week.

While most of us are preparing our homes and “ordering” our turkeys, decorating for Christmas and making lists and plans, there are children that are simply looking for hope. They are just asking for the basics. They are just wanting to be loved. They are longing for a family.

We have the opportunity to make those simple hopes and dreams a reality! If you have ever considered opening your heart and your home this is a great time.

The needs are at an epidemic level. Kids are aging out of foster care every minute of every day. These kids just need someone to remind them that they are worthy.

You may not be able to adopt but we all can do something! The one thing we ALL can do is share, repost and like #ForeverFamilyFriday posts.

Foster care is a system we can fix. But is takes all of us. All of us doing our part. Please join us in this. Please do it for Christopher.

Look at that smile! He is 12, from Louisiana, and is looking for a family to provide him unconditional love and patience.

Wow. That should not be at the top of a list. That should be taken for granted. But for most kids they do not have that. He is fun, enthusiastic, polite and has a lot of energy.

Christopher enjoys playing and watching all sports, especially football, baseball and basketball. I KNOW my insta family loves sports too! He enjoys playing video games and eating pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches. He is a very caring and thoughtful child who loves dancing and being the center of attention.

Please help Christopher find his forever family. Contact Patti Herbert for more info! [email protected] #ForeverFamilyFriday #FosterCare #Adoption #FamiliesDontHaveToMatch #UnconditionalLove #Patience #OpenHeartsOpenHomes