Forever Family Friday – Connor

There are many many hard conversations that parents have had to have this week with their kids. From the horrific school shooting in Nashville to deadly storms in Mississippi to unexpected illnesses and many problems none of us will ever even know about…the bad news at times seems almost too much to bear. Yet as a parent, counselor, coach, teacher or whatever the title might be, we often work tirelessly to help kids process their feelings and emotions caused by these heartbreaking events. We try to assure kids they are safe and secure and to remind them of the hope we have. But for kids that are in foster care their lives are often filled with fear and so many uncertainties, to no fault of their own, and they are not provided the structure and security and comfort and love that they so deserve. So many of these kids don’t have people in their lives that they can go to to navigate their feelings and emotions and circumstances of our crazy world. There’s no one to assure them as they lay their head on their pillow each night. To love them and remind them as they walk out the door in the morning that someone will be there for them that night. I want so badly for the thousands of kids “in the system” to have security, hope, love and opportunity. I want this for Connor.

Please allow me to introduce you to Connor. He is 14 and lives in Alabama. When he gets older he would like to go to law school and become a lawyer! Connor enjoys football, video games, and reading. Alaska is on his list for vacations. He’d like to climb mountains and go skiing. But also he’d like to visit Antarctica because not many travel there, and he’d like to see penguins. He describes himself as funny, nice and loyal. And he says he can pick up new skills easily. Can you help Connor navigate this crazy world and help him fulfill his dreams? Can you provide him the security and love he so desperately needs? For information on Connor please contact [email protected]
📸 Olivia B Photography
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