Forever Family Friday – Deandre

Aging out. Emancipated. On you own. Figure it out. Expiration date. Where will I go? What will I do? How will I pay the bills? How will I survive? 

These are all words and phrases that are very real to a child in foster care, especially at the age of 17. To no fault of their own, they have no mom, dad or permanent home. And in just a short year or two they are left to figure out life, by themselves. Which is so hard for many of you reading this to grasp. To me it is as if they are kicked to the curb. I truly believe that every young person deserves to go through life knowing they have a caring adult by their side. Unfortunately, every year roughly 20,000 plus youth hear those above phrases. They never get that bonding and permanent connection to a caring adult or family. Please stop just a minute and let me introduce you to Deandre. We can help him not be just another statistic! We can help him from becoming part of the 20,000 plus kids that “age out” of the system each year.  

Deandre is 17 years old and lives in Alabama. Fall is his favorite season! He is friendly and open to talking to anyone. He enjoys going to school and being involved in football, basketball and wrestling. Science and English are his favorite subjects. He enjoys playing video games in his spare time. If given the opportunity to plan a day for himself, he would choose to go shoe shopping and eat, especially hot wings. Three words he would use to describe himself are funny, nice and athletic. Something that he is proud of is trying to put himself in a better situation. Please help us find Deandre his #ForeverFamily. Thank You! ❤️

For more information please contact [email protected]

Click here for Deandre’s video