Forever Family Friday – Lillieanna and Malachi

Happy Friday everyone! I get many questions each week from you guys. Let me see if I can address one of the most commonly asked ones. Can the kids we post be adopted in a different state from where they currently reside? Yes! The children we share each week are able to be adopted outside of their home state. We do try our best, along with the agencies and case workers, to share children who have that flexibility. The system is not perfect, but people we typically deal with are working hard to get it right because these children are worth it! Foster care is extremely fluid. A child may be in the care of foster parents one day and then with no notice at all they are moved elsewhere. I’ve tried to make sense of the foster care system for years because there are many in it for the wrong reasons and the system is flawed. If I get burdened with all the negativity then we will be of no help to these kids at all. I can only imagine the uncertainty and confusion this must cause children if it causes me so much anxiety. I firmly believe we just must do whatever we can and don’t give up! They deserve better. Thank you for continuing to journey with us, and for continuing to pray and fight for these kids. Please allow me to introduce you to a brother and sister that melt my heart. We can’t give up because they need us.

Lillieanna and Malachi live in TN. Malachi is 8 years old and is a very eager little brother who loves to do everything with his sister. Lillieanna is 11, and loves to play but also loves her space. I can relate as I have a little brother! Together they like to ride bikes and play outside.

Malachi likes sports, zip lines, trampolines, and motorcycle rides. He loves music and singing along. He would like to be a pilot someday. Lillieanna likes unicorns, basketball, football, and shopping – ME TOO! She is inquisitive, honest and has a bubbly personality. She does well in school and enjoys making new friends. This sibling pair would do best in a family with lots of patience and love to give. Lillieannna wants a family who will enroll her in sports, has an active life style and a home with pets. Please contact or DM us for more info! ❤️

Please click here to see their video!