Forever Family Friday – Dominic

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday y’all. We are in the middle of National Foster Care Awareness month and Lord knows we all need more awareness! When I was reading about Dominic I paused when he said he admires Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and “wishes everyone could be treated equally.” What a wise young man. Each week I have that same thought. Why can’t this child have a loving home? Regular check ups? A bed of his own? Someone to go to her parent teachers meetings at school?  WHY?! My wish is that all children would be treated equally by having loving parents who are concerned about, care for, and love them. Have stability and structure. Birthday parties and graduation celebrations. 400,000+ kids are facing these obstacles to no fault of their own. You can look up the grim statistics of what happens to kids in foster care. Or DM me and I will share them with you. It’s not pretty. These kids are all of our responsibilities. Let me introduce you to one young man that needs a door opened to hope, love and opportunity. Please meet Dominic!


Dominic is 15 and lives in FL. This “future engineer” is highly motivated and intelligent. He enjoys fencing, designing, and building things. Dominic makes friends easily and is known to be very outgoing. He loves to talk and teach people things he knows, specifically anything science related.

Dominic describes himself as smart and caring and his friends would describe him as “helpful.” He looks up to Martin Luther King, Jr. because of his bravery, and he wishes everyone could be treated equally. A perfect day would be playing volleyball at the beach then indulging in shrimp and crab legs. The ideal family would be very active and engaged in Dominic’s life with individual attention. He would be well suited with a family who has clear boundaries and a lot of patience.

Can you share this post? Can you help us find that forever family for Dominic? Can YOU be that forever family? Thank you for journeying with us each week! ❤️ For more info: Heart Gallery of Tampa 813-390-5345 📸 J.Lebron Photography.