Forever Family Friday – Jacob and Rylin

Happy #ForeverFamilyFriday everyone! This has been a week of shared stories that have really made me realize that we are so doing the right thing looking for families for kids in foster care. I’ve always thought I’ve needed to light a fire under folks to get them interested and involved but my goal is to now light a fire within you. I want you to have a burning desire to help these kids that are doing without…without hope, love, security, basic necessities, opportunities…I could go on and on. I could tell you about the young man this week that got a pair of new shoes and his first statement was that now he would fit in at school. He would have shoes that actually fit him. Not a pair of Nikes – just shoes that fit. Or the young lady that aged out of the system and through a church and some amazing folks got an apartment and with tears in her eyes said, “this is the best and nobody will tell me I have to leave and I have 10 minutes to get my stuff together.“ Those stories just physically make me so angry. Shoes that fit and a place to sleep that is your own. What is going on in this world? 


Did you know every 2 minutes a kid enters the foster care system in the US. Every 2 minutes! These heartbreaking stories and statistics are not going away but we can do our best to come together as a community and try to find loving homes for these kids. Together we can make a difference. Please allow me to introduce you to Jacob and Rylin. They deserve not to be a statistic. They deserve hope, love and opportunity.

Jacob (12) and Rylin (7) are brothers from AZ. They love to play with army men, dinosaurs and cars. They both enjoy technology, gaming, puzzles, and board games. Outside they like to play basketball and dart guns.

Jacob and Rylin would benefit from a loving, nurturing, structured family that has the time and attention to meet their needs. They need parents to be involved in any needed services they may have. This sounds like a list that should be for every child. This is not a special list exclusive to these boys. All children deserve parents to be involved.

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