Forever Family Friday – Haley

Almost one third of the youth who “age out” of foster care become homeless. This is not the first time we’ve discussed this. Homeless…most of us can’t even relate to that. Living on the streets…sleeping in cardboard boxes under bridges or trying to find a homeless shelter every single night…eating out of garbage cans at fast food restaurants…bathing or sponging off in gas station bathrooms…I could go on and on. I’ve witnessed each and everyone of those scenarios more times than I care to remember. And it is literally thrust upon these kids because of no fault of their own. They have little to no stability and love is rare. They just want someone to call family! Someone to be there for them. This is why we need you. I know I bug you guys every Friday but you are our difference makers. We have changed the lives of many of these kids by talking about them and sharing them in our social media. Here’s another amazing human that needs our help. Please meet Haley. She has a few years to go before she ages out, so I am prayerful and hopeful for her! We need to help Haley find her forever family.

Haley is 13 and lives in Tennessee. Bubbly and energetic, Haley wants to be a teacher or a photographer when she grows up. One day she would like to visit Paris and see the Eifel Tower! Me too Haley!  She likes playing volleyball and basketball, and has a huge love for dogs and horses. Math is her favorite subject as she finds it easy. Haley enjoys singing, reading and has an interest in cheerleading. Family and friends are some of the things that are most important to her. She describes herself as caring and loving. She cares about people, “even if they don’t care about me.” How heartbreaking is that sentiment. Please, please, please share Haley! For more information please contact, or DM us!