Forever Family Friday – Jasmine and Jacob

We are all aware of organizations, philanthropic groups and even individuals that are in the business of making wishes come. We read about kids that go to Disney or meet a famous person, or sports teams that get new uniforms, or kids that receive scholarships. We see and read about these sweet stories and they make us feel all warm and fuzzy. At least they do me. So today I have wishes from some amazing kids that I would love to be able to make happen. They wish for a stable, loving family where they can stay together. They wish to go to the beach. They wish to simply spend a whole day together with her future family and laugh and eat pizza. All I can say is wow. Guys this is so crazy that in this country kids are wishing, hoping and praying for things like pizza and parents that love them. This list should be a given, not a wish! We can actually right this wrong but it’s going to take all of us pulling the wagon in the same direction. Can you help us make the dreams come true for these kids?

Allow me to introduce Jasmine,14 and Jacob, 9 from Florida. Jasmine is the social butterfly while Jacob prefers to stay in the background. They share a keen love and curiosity for the world and its creatures. Both say their favorite subject in school is science. Jasmine loves marine biology, traveling and learning about other cultures. Jacob says he wants to be a vet when he grows up. Jasmine wants to be the first female president of the United States, and an astronomist, or a football coach! Whoa! All are amazing! Jacob is interested in learning about the solar system and planets, and he also loves music, singing and playing with Legos.
Jasmine and Jacob are kind and empathetic. Jacob is generous and giving while Jasmine is loving and caring. Both imagine a stable, loving family where they can be together. Jacob would like to go to the beach and eat pizza while Jasmine wants to simply spend a whole day together with her future family. Jasmine feels close to God and hopes for a Christian family. How beautiful. Please talk about these kids, share on your social media, lift them up in prayer. ❤️
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