Forever Family Friday – Katedra

“Aging Out”…those two words truly break my heart. Those two words basically mean that sooner than later a kid in foster care will be on their own. They will suddenly be with no family to love, support and help guide them. They will have none of the safety nets that most kids their age enjoy and take for granted. There will be no parents to help them financially. There will be no grandparents that slide them extra money for gas or date night. There are no this and no that and they face obstacles and uncertainties that we can’t even imagine. This is why I am so passionate about these older kids that are inching closer and closer to aging out. They deserve hope, love and opportunity. They deserve a family. Please meet Katedra. She deserves a family. She deserves a chance.

Katedra is 15 and lives in South Carolina. She is dynamic and has a zest for life. “I am brilliant, amazing and talented!” When asked what she considers the most amazing thing about her personality Katedra says “I never give up.” She enjoys swimming, painting, riding bikes and traveling. Vegetables and mac and cheese are her favorite foods. Katedra hopes to have a career in law enforcement and become a police officer. This is wonderful! We need more passionate officers! She is seeking a family that will love and accept her. That is not a tall order. Can that be you? Do you know someone who can? Please help us find Katedra her forever family. For more information please contact Tori Hackett at [email protected]

Mike Baker Photography