Forever Family Friday – Jason

Happy Good Friday everyone! Hard to believe it’s Easter weekend. Where does time go? This is probably my favorite holiday. To me Easter is the foundation of Christianity. The resurrection of the Son of God. It’s far more than Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies (although I love them all!). It is the most important weekend of my faith. Jesus died for us so we may know how much God loves us. Christ asked God toward the end “Father there must be a better way?” When you look at these kids I post each week…do you say in your mind “there must be a better way than me getting involved?? Not me Lord. My family is already complete. I don’t have the money. My house is too small. We don’t have time.” Are those the questions you ask yourself? For me Easter teaches us that God can write a new story…one we never dreamed of! Most kids in foster care aren’t truly genuinely loved and cared for BUT God can write a new story for them. Together we can help them finish strong. We can help them find their forever family. What a beautiful ending to their story. My prayer is that we can help Jason find his forever family. What a wonderful weekend to try and make that happen…Easter weekend. It breaks my heart to hear he is “just hoping the right family comes along.” Ugh! What??? Can that right family be YOU? Or someone you know? Can you help??

Please meet Jason from Mississippi. He plans to change the world with a new invention one day, and maybe be a famous basketball player…on the side! He has a love for the game of basketball, but video games and board games are fun too. He enjoys interacting with others. He likes the beach and loves seafood, especially shrimp. One day he would like to fly to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower. Me too Jason! He describes himself as a good kid who is just hoping the right family comes along.

He wants a family who will understand him and what he has been through. He said to know he is loved and understood would be amazing. He would like a mom and a dad and siblings his age or older. Happy Easter Everyone! Hallelujah! He is risen. For more info please contact [email protected]. Chris Grillis Photography