Forever Family Friday – Kelvin

Approximately 24,000 American teenagers in foster care turn 18 years old each year. What a staggering number! Then…at this ripe old age of 18… they are expected to move out and start their lives on their own. Some are still in high school at this point. Some have just graduated and they are expected to find jobs, figure out college, find a place to live, figure out how to eat, get transportation everywhere and on and on and on. Without the love and support of a forever family many of these kids that are aging out find themselves struggling just to survive much less figure out college or jobs. These kids are not failures. They are not damaged goods.  They are in this situation because of no fault of their own. They are not just taking up space! They are valuable and amazing and deserve to be loved and cherished and made to feel amazing. Here is one valuable human that’s close to aging out and needs our help. Just give me 5 minutes of your time! Read about Kelvin. Please share Kelvin with someone. He needs us. He is one of the alarming numbers that could age out of foster care. It’s a heartbreaking thought.

Kelvin is sixteen years old and lives in South Carolina. He describes himself as cool and fun. He enjoys playing video games but also likes participating in outdoor activities. Kelvin’s favorite subject is math and although he likes working with numbers, he’s unsure if he wants a career in that subject area. He plans on attending college! Kelvin also enjoys drawing, reading and eating spaghetti and meatballs. He hopes to find a nurturing home. And a family ideally with pets! Let’s help him find a family that can love him and encourage him in his next chapter of life! Can you help us find Kelvin a forever family?

For more info please contact Carly at [email protected] or click here. Photo by Kennedy Exekiel.