Forever Family Friday – Malachi

Happy Forever Family Friday y’all!! Can I just take a minute this week and answer one of the most common asked questions that we get…What is the first thing we need to do to adopt or how do we get started or what’s the first thing that needs to happen? You get the drift. Everyone words it slightly different but the road always leads to getting started. So let me jump right in and tell you it’s fairly easy. The very first thing you will have to do is to get your home study done. You can set this up several different ways. Then there will be an application process and paperwork to fill out. Next you will have visits to your home and some classes to take. You may now be thinking… whew…that’s a lot and seems drawn out and time consuming.” Well anything worth something takes time and effort! And these kids are WORTH a little of your time and effort! Each state is different so we have resources for you on our foundation’s website to point you in the right direction. (link is in my bio). Remember there is no financial cost involved to adopt out of foster care!  The main requirements are a little of your time and the opening of your heart and your home! I have faith all of you can do this. Please let me share with you one child who is so so WORTH the time and effort!

Malachi, better known as Chi, is 15 years old and lives in South Carolina. He can be adopted in any state just like all the other kids we share. He enjoys drawing and painting and his favorite color is red. Chi would describe himself as talented and thoughtful. He also likes being active and jumping on the trampoline. Chi is an amazing kid that would like a forever family. That’s not too much to ask. Can you help us? For more information please contact Taylor Brown 843-953-9249. Photo by Amy.