Forever Family Friday – McKaya

Provide care and love…Create a stable environment…Build up their self confidence…Spend quality time with them…Share morals, values and have conversations about making good choices…Help them make tough decisions…Help with money management…Coach them up…Empower them to be all that they can be…Teach them to be kind, loving, inspiring and giving to others. Are you asking yourself what in the world is this crazy lady talking about?!?! Well…I was just sitting here watching March Madness basketball games and thinking about my post today and thinking about last night with my own kids…we were calling each other, texting each other and talking about our brackets and the upsets that happened in all the games and then I just started thinking wow just that little moment of fun family interaction is not experienced by most kids in foster care. I then started processing a list in my mind of what providing and parenting is all about to me and how foster kids miss out on so much of that. And to me that is what shapes and molds us as individuals. And that this beautiful young lady that I’m posting today probably has not experienced much of it either. It’s heartbreaking to me. McKaya, to no fault of her own, needs to experience EVERYTHING I listed above and more. Please let me tell you about her!

She is 16 years old and lives in Alabama. She is very inquisitive and fun loving. McKaya’s perfect day would be a fun pool party with swimming and lots of smiles and laughter. After graduation she would like to be a hairstylist. When asked what a family means to her she said someone who “cares, listens, holds hands even when going through something.” With a family she would love to do activities like shopping, getting her nails done and maybe even vacay in Florida. I love all of that. If she had a new room she would decorate it with Hello Kitty. I do love me some Hello Kitty. I think I have found a new friend.

McKaya will thrive in a stable, structured family that will provide her with unconditional love. Can you help? For more information please contact Daliscia at [email protected]  Photographed by Stephanie Fisher Photography.