Forever Family Friday – Mercedes

Life’s not fair! It’s not fair! How many times have you either been told this or said this? I look at the faces of these kids that we post every Friday and I think to myself IT’S NOT FAIR! I think how differently life could have been for each and everyone of the kids we post if not for ____. And that sentence could be finished in so many different ways. I wish I could sit with each and everyone of you that is reading this right now and share stories with you of kids that were labeled unplaceable or rejected or some other term that would make you cringe. Yet when they are offered hope, love and opportunity their lives are vastly different. My heart aches for the kids that missed out on getting books read to them at bedtime or having a birthday cake or getting a Christmas gift or playing a family game in the security of a home or even having their own bed. Why do some kids get love and a family and fun vacations and warm fuzzy moments and some get their lives disrupted and they get removed and labeled? I wish I knew the answer to that. But I do know that here is a young lady today that we have an opportunity to make a difference in her life. We have an opportunity to offer her those warm fuzzy moments. Please allow me to introduce you to Mercedes.

Mercedes is 16 years old and from Georgia. She enjoys watching documentaries and music videos as well as football and basketball games. Mercedes likes to play Monopoly and football. Her favorite subject in school is literature. One day she would like to own her own business or be a singer or rapper, and she enjoys writing her own lyrics! Mercedes’ favorite holidays are Christmas and Valentine’s day. Christmas because of Jesus and giving but also family and time to be together. Valentine’s day she likes because it is about love. ME TOO! Mercedes needs a loving family who will give her one on one attention, support, encouragement, structure, and the nurturing environment she needs to continue to thrive and reach her goals. She needs someone to offer her warm fuzzy family moments. Can you be this family she needs? Can you help us find this family? For more info please contact Rebecca: [email protected]

Thank You! ❤️

Click here for Mercedes’ video!