Forever Family Friday – Sierra

Have you ever thought something was just so overwhelming or daunting that you just gave up on finding the solution or answer before you ever put any real thought or effort into it? Do you ever wonder if your efforts and actions will really make a difference? If these thoughts have crossed your mind then you are a lot like me. I truly believe we all have the power to make a difference. Here is an opportunity for you to take the first step in being a difference maker…read this post and tell someone about Sierra. Repost Sierra. Pray for Sierra. You have more significance than you realize. I can tell you from personal experience one moment can change your life and the life of someone else. Can you be that one moment for Sierra? Here’s your chance. Please let me introduce her to you.

Sierra is 13 years old and describes herself as funny and playful. She is active and one of her favorite things to do is jump on the trampoline. She also likes to play video games, especially FortNite. In fact, she would like to be a video game designer when she grows up. One day she wants to visit Disney World-maybe with a new forever family. She would like to have a two-parent home and brothers and sisters. She desires a family that likes to go to church and has the same interests as her. She simply says life with a family would be happy. Wow…that statement is heartbreaking. Please help us help Sierra find her forever family.

For more information on Sierra PLEASE contact [email protected]. Or DM us! 📸 J. Crowe Photography