Forever Family Friday – week 7 – Tanaijah

UPDATE! Tanaijah has been matched with her forever family!

I hope you guys had a great week! It’s hard to believe it’s Friday again. Where does time go? That is a question so many kids in foster care ask everyday. Suddenly they are 18 and aging out of the system with nothing. No family. No support system. No structure. No one to be accountable to…NOTHING! We have to do better. I know you all are God fearing, kind and loving people. I know you all are busy and your lives are crazy…I totally understand. But if you could spend 15 minutes each week and tell one person about the kids we post…I truly feel like we could find families for 52 kids this year. Just reading this post and in your mind thinking, ‘how unfortunate’ or ‘how sad’ or ‘isn’t she pretty’ or ‘isn’t he handsome’…is not enough.

We need prayer partners, and we need you to think about prospective adoptive parents for these kids! Please help us spread the word. Today we have a beautiful young lady who would love nothing more than to spend the holidays with a family…her family. A family that would love and adore her. I have said this so many times…There are NO unwanted kids, there are just unfound families! It is not a child’s job to find their family. They didn’t ask to be in this situation. It is not their job to find someone to care for them or to love them. That is OUR job to lift them up, help restore their broken lives and try as best we can to heal their hurting!  

Here is a young lady that deserves our undivided attention. Please allow me to introduce you to Tanijah. She is a friendly and energetic young lady who enjoys participating in sports! She also enjoys creative crafts and listening to music. Tanijah has a lot of love to give and dreams that her new family FINDS HER SOON! She is 15, lives in New York and would like to keep in touch with her grandmother and her brother. She knows family is important. If you can be part of the solution for Tanijah, please contact [email protected]. And as always you can contact Tracy or Molly at ‪[email protected]