Forever Family Friday week 13 – Janely

UPDATE! Janely has been MATCHED!

I have always thought that one of the greatest tests in life is how we respond to people that mishandle us. At least it is for me. These kids in foster care have been so mishandled. They are put to the test EVERY SINGLE DAY. Think about it. They have no one to challenge them to do better…to be better. They have no one who is committed to them. They have no one to champion for them. There’s no one to try and make them smile when they are sad or take care of them when they are sick. Being mishandled is an understatement…neglected is a better word! You can turn a deaf ear to this but it’s not going away. We have a role to play here. We have a responsibility. Together we can make a huge difference! We can ensure that these kids go from feeling mishandled to feeling loved, treasured, valuable, needed, included and amazing! We talk about this every Friday. You know the drill. However, this week I’m going to do a little something extra! We’re going to give away some bubble wands to folks that repost and tag me. And between now and Valentines the person that reposts the most…we’re going to send you a dozen @whimsycookieco cookies! Yum! They are the best. So make the effort for the kids and get a little something too! Please repost and share these kids. Please share this beautiful girl from Massachusetts!

Please meet Janely. She is a sweet 13 year old who loves drawing and making people laugh. She is a talented artist with a beautiful personality. She will bring love and happiness to any family! Janely is a little shy, likes reading, sports and math! She says math is hard work but she likes it! Janely does well in school and gets along well with her peers and teachers. Please help us find the forever family that will champion for Janely, who will NOT mishandle her, who will show her she is special and can be anything she wants to be! For more info please contact Emily Goldberger Emily Goldberger [email protected]. Click here to view Janely’s video!

Rules – Must share on Instagram or Facebook. Must tag @leighannetuohy and @mihfoundation. Bubble wand and Whimsy Cookie recipients will be selected at random and notified via DM from @MIHFoundation on or before 2/9/2021.