Forever Family Friday week 25 – Leanne

A year ago we had so much confusion and so many questions in our world. Events were all being cancelled. Travel came to a halt. We were all trying to figure out where to purchase masks. We were fervently praying for those that were sick and those that had lost loved ones to this awful virus. Now…Fast forward 12 months, thankfully we are climbing out of the chaos. A little bit each day. Slowly and cautiously we are resuming normalcy. But here is my question to you: while you were worried and concerned about your family, who was worried and concerned about children in foster care? We know their foster parents try to love and support the best they can. Social workers and CASA volunteers try as well. But at the end of the day, they are not their mom or dad. They are not their forever family. That’s the void we are hoping to fill. And I’m sooo happy to tell you we had numerous inquiries on King this week. Several home studies were set up. Guys…THIS CAN WORK!!! PLEASE help us find families each Friday. Please!!! Today is a great day to start! Help us find a family for Leanne (great name by the way!)

Leanne is 17 and from Idaho. She is a kind, generous, outgoing and loves animals. One day she hopes to either become a Veterinarian or join the Air Force. She describes her best traits as her ability to easily make friends with just about anyone, and the way that she always tries to help out others. She loves to go fishing, swimming and camping. In addition she enjoys drawing, playing video games, board games and listening to Taylor Swift. Leanne can make scrambled eggs and wants to become even better at cooking for herself and her new family. She is a person who sees joy and excitement in even the smallest of things.

For more information please visit or contact Melissa at [email protected]