Forever Family Friday week 40 – Bentley

Mentoring…it is so so important and could be a game changer for so many. Historically we have not talked much about it but I feel strongly that investing in young people is key. These kids deserve to be seen, known and loved…just like you and me! For children in foster care, they often feel alone and disconnected. They don’t have strong family relationships so often the social worker is the most important person in their life. This is where mentoring comes in. Another person in the child’s life. A person that is reliable, dependable and consistent. There are great organizations such as Big Brother/Big sister, Boys and Girls Club and CASA Volunteers…just to name a few… that are making a difference everyday! There are so many ways you can mentor and get involved with these foster kids. I’ve said it so many times that just liking and sharing this post and talking about these kids is a start. Please consider investing and mentoring a foster child. Be the reason a foster child starts to believe in their worth and their value. Consider someone like sweet Bentley.

Bentley is 10 years old and from Arizona and is very passionate about everything he does. He loves to be outside playing, riding his bike and doing karate. He is a big fan of rap music and will even rap a few bars for you if ask! Bentley loves McDonald’s- especially the Hot ‘n Spicy McChicken sandwich. One of Bentley’s biggest dreams is to one day own a McDonald’s just so he can know how to make them! I might have to try to get him on the Taco Bell train. He also has aspirations of being the mayor someday, after getting out of the armed services. Wow!

Bentley has his sights set high and simply needs someone to consistently love and care for him to help get him there! His forever family should be supportive and encouraging continuing relationships. Please contact Heather Pava at [email protected] for more information!