Forever Family Friday week 45 – Anthony, Jonathan, Isabella

Every family is different…some have one child, some have 6 children, and some have furry pets as children. Then of course, some families are a combination of each in all types of various forms! What I do know is children bring life and love into a home. They bring curiosity, wonder and adventure. To have siblings….to have support, commonality, familiarity and someone to talk to….is a treasure. Please consider these precious siblings. Anthony, Jonathan and Isabella from California. They could bring all this and more into your home!

Anthony is 13 who has lots of energy and loves the outdoors. He has a great deal of love to offer. Although he can seem very shy at first, he will become friendly as he gets to know you. Jonathan is 11 and is charismatic with a bright smile. He is gentle, sweet and playful. He loves to play football and basketball. He tries really hard to get good grades and is helpful and conscientious around the house. Jonathan is a good artist and his favorite movie is Star Wars. Isabella is 8 and is an adorable little girl with a wonderful imagination. She is creative and enjoys the arts. She is funny, social, engaging and friendly. Like a true princess she enjoys being the center of attention (insert twirl and pixie dust!) She is versatile in that she is happy to play flag football outside with her brothers, but equally content having a tea party with dolls.

For more information on this darling trio please contact Stephanie at [email protected] or 909-802-1441. Photo credit: Marie Bertiaux